Games Context on STEM Central

STEM Central makes connections between sciences, technologies and mathematics through the context of engineering allows learners to broaden their understanding of the applications of concepts and skills developed in curriculum subjects. It allows learners to develop solutions to problems and demonstrate creativity through inquiry.

We are delighted to annouce that our Games Context for learning is live on STEM Central.

The games industry in Scotland is thriving. Providing jobs for skilled professionals of all nationalities, games companies are at the forefront of Scotland’s electronic technologies and software industry. Games have been used throughout the ages to teach, entertain and amuse. In some respects games have changed over time with changes in technologies, tools and materials, yet in other ways simple games that resemble those from past societies are still played.

In the Games Development Second Level Learning Journey learners are offered stimulating experiences and the opportunity to develop their understanding not only of the history of gaming in Scotland, but will also encourage them to explore technological developments in society, and ultimately how to design, create and market their own game.

The Electrifying Games Second Level Learning Journey offers a range of opportunities for learners enquiry based learning and to develop and apply knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to circuits and components, and to engineering of a 3D game which demonstrates energy transfer and movement.

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