Community Empowerment

Local Government Minister Derek Mackay will launch a consultation on a proposed bill which will consider ideas to give more control to Scotland’s communities. Responses to the consultation will help shape the proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill.

Ideas being considered include greater community involvement in making decisions on local budgets, helping public sector organisations identify the needs and priorities in an area and target budgets more effectively, an idea first piloted in Brazil and in a number of European cities.

The consultation also includes ideas on making it easier for community organisations to get involved in designing and delivering public services and challenging public authorities if they feel an area of public service delivery is not being run effectively and does not genuinely meet their needs.

The consultation also explores how existing legislation can be better used to let local authority and housing authority tenants take on management of their own housing, and whether existing allotments legislation should be amended to better support communities taking forward grow-your-own projects.