STEM Central Sounds Amazing!

We are progressing the development of our new contexxt on STEM Central “Sound”. Early years and first level learning journeys will be published within the next few weeks. Something to think about in preparation: what distinguishes music from noise? Why not view the Glow Science video “How do Musical Instruments work?” and explore this further? 

The Sound context will continue to be developed to incorporate second and fourth level journeys. We’ll be bringing you vodcasts on bats, robots and echolocation and sharing the experiences of learners at Balfron Primary School, when they worked with the Engineering the Future project.  The fourth level journey could be used to support your planning for learning and teaching for National 4 Physics.

And, it might sound like something from Dr Who but researchers at the University of Dundee have recently announced the invention of a “sonic screwdriver”, an ultrasonic device which has potential for developing new, more precise surgical techniques. Sounds amazing? More on this from the BBC. Unsure about ultrasound? Why not use the Glow Sciences videos Beyond the Range of Human Hearing, or Medical Marvels: Ultrasound for a bit of background?