Going bananas about Algebra!

Join us in Glow TV on Thursday 31st May at 2pm for this very different ways of learning about algebra.

This lesson will show basic uses of algebra using bananas as an everyday context, and be mainly suitable for P4 pupils.

During the live transmission Tom Renwick from Maths on Track will be seen working with a P4 class, initially measuring the weights of three bananas labelled a, b and c and then going on to evaluate simple expressions such as a+b and a-b etc.

Towards the end of the event you will have the weights of three bananas measured in your own classroom and your pupils will be invited to evaluate simple expressions based on their own data.

As in most areas of maths lack of associated numeracy numeracy skills can hamper understanding, so Tom has prepared graded practice sheets (three pdf’s provided in Supporting Materials and suitable for smart board use) showing the numeracy skills which will be associated with the algebra the lesson, given that bananas usually weigh between 100g and 200g.

It would be beneficial if pupils watching the live transmission were reasonably competent with these numeracy skills beforehand since it’s Tom’s intention to have as many P4 pupils as possible ‘going bananas about algebra’!

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