Learning for the new NQs: Will Bioenergy play a part in our secure energy future?

Exploring Bioenergy could feature within your plans for learning and teaching for the new NQs in Environmental Science, Physics or Science. What is it? Could it form part of our strategy for energy security in Scotland and the UK?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has published the UK Bioenergy Strategy with  handy “key facts” on the front page. In addition the Frequently Asked Questions highlights issues such as ‘Shouldn’t land used for food production rather than energy crops?’ which could form the basis of debate and investigative work with learners.

This DECC website has, under the “Meeting Energy Demand” tab, information on everything from hydrogen fuel cells to nuclear power, along with easily accessible useful links to relevant websites. This could provide a rich source of background material for your planning associated with our recently published advice and guidance on energy security.