The Ethical Dilemma- Special Edition

This is a special edition of the Talking Stem Cells Ethical Dilemma series with this event featuring Dr Bill Ritchie who was involved in the creation of Dolly the Sheep.

This workshop event is aimed at S1-S3 pupils (but is also suitable for P6/7 who would like to ask Dr Ritchie questions about his work) and is a mix of a short presentation from Dr Ritchie, interactive enquiry, student debate activities and live questions and answer interaction.

The Scientist

Dr Bill Ritchie is best known as the embryologist who, with a team of experts, produced the first cloned lambs from cultured cells, Morag and Megan. The following year he and his colleagues produced Dolly the first cloned animal from an adult cell. Following this success they produced Poly etc. the first cloned animals from transgenic cells. Later he produced the first cloned animal with a gene knocked out. This proved the principal that disease genes could be deleted from animals. There will be plenty of opportunity for the students to interact with the scientist.

The Patient

In addition to the scientist there will be input from a patient suffering from a disease who might have the potential to be treated by stem cell treatment.

This event will be coming live from Gairloch High School in the Highlands and you can find a Student pack associated with this event in the Stem Cell Glow Group.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV on Thursday 17th May from 11-12.30pm – or for as long as you can!!