Advice and Guidance for new National Qualifications: the nature of risk

A theme which comes through in a number of the new National Qualifications for sciences is that of risk, risks and benefits, and risk management. What does this look like for the learner? Is it a list of pros and cons or something more sophisticated?

In a BBC article from the Go Figure series, the question is posed “How risky is it if you don’t know the risks?” which explores this in the context of understanding the ‘risk’ of mobile phone use.  The article was published in June 2011 but of course the issue of mobile phone ‘risk’ was raised again in the media very recently. This could also be the basis for discussion around risks associated with

radioactivity, in the context of the Advice and Guidance for Nuclear Chemistry, or Nuclear Physics

different energy sources and energy security within Physics or Environmental Science

developments in DNA science in our Health and Disease, or Inheritance Advice and Guidance.