CfE Films

New CfE – Impact and Benefits – How CfE is changing Scottish Education

In August 2010 Curriculum for Excellence was officially introduced in all public-funded Scottish schools. This was with the aim of making the curriculum more flexible, exciting, engaging and relevant, enabling Scotland’s children and young people to be better prepared for our ever-changing world, equipping them with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to help all learners get the best from their education, wherever they are on their learning journey.

One and a half years in and we are seeing more and more examples of how the flexibility of CfE is enabling our children to learn in different ways from the way past generations have, with far greater opportunity for more interesting and stimulating learning and teaching, more active participation and input from the learners themselves, raising engagement and subsequently their enthusiasm for learning. Following on from our earlier CfE in Action series, these videos are intended as a snapshot of where we are at the moment and a glimpse of the possibilities CfE has opened up so far.

They are intended for parents/carers and learners, as well as teachers and other education professionals, please feel free to share them widely via youtube.

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