Marine Scotland Science Glow Meet

Marine Scotland Science GLOW Meet

Everything you ever wanted to know about the marine environment but were too scared to ask….

11am – 12pm, Thursday 23 February 2012

Why are fish slimy? What is the weirdest sea creature? Which sea dad gives birth through its mouth? What yukky substance from the sea is used in lipstick?

Around one fifth of Scotland’s population live within a kilometre of the sea and our marine environment is one of the most diverse in the world – supporting over 48,000 species. Despite its importance in terms of our economy and biodiversity, we still know very little about marine life and the oceans remain one of the Earth’s last unexplored frontiers.

Join this interactive Glow meet for a whacky, fun and informative look at the science of our oceans and seas. This Glow meet will be aimed at learners in primary schools.  The school submitting the best questions during the Glow meet will win a visit by the Edinburgh Science Festival Marine Detectives Workshop, complete with rock pool and live creatures.

Click here to watch recording of this Glow meet>>

Further resources about the marine environment are available on Glow at: