Activities for French Reading for Enjoyment 4th level

I recently met with a group of practitioners from Aberdeen who are currently undertaking a “mini NAR” project for their local authority.  Many of them asked me to share the resources that I used to exemplify  4th level Reading for Enjoyment .  I have just posted these resources in the Modern Langauges National Glow Group, in the Sharing Resources section.  The folder for the S2 Ghost story contains all the materials, including teachers’ notes as does the S3 Poetry Unit folder.  There is an Activeboard  flipchart in the Ghost Story folder.  If you would like to use it you will need to first of all to save it to your documents, open your activeboard software, click on file and open it from your documents or wherever you saved it.  The sound files are also in the folder and you will need to save them and then reinstate the hyperlinks on the flipchart pages.

 If you would like to access the materials, then please visit the Glow group or  click here to follow the link.  (You will need your Glow password)