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Winners of the 2018 Scottish Education Awards: Castlebrae Community High School

Congratulations to  Castlebrae Community High School for winning the ‘Employability and Creativity across Learning’ award along side the two other finalists, St Albert’s Primary School and Park School Kilmarnock (Film clips)

In recent years the school has undergone a profound change in outlook, ethos and culture with employability and creativity at the core of this. The  cross-school approach to skills development and the collective effort  to inspire learners in pursuing their vision for a positive future  has had a significant impact not only on young people themselves but the whole school community.

The school has worked with a wide range of partners to support their journey towards ensuring that young people are aspirational, ambitious and have access to appropriate learning experiences and support at all levels to equip them for their futures .  In particular the partnership with Edinburgh International Festival  has been a catalyst for transformational cultural change for the young people, staff and the EIF events team itself.  Their three year partnership programme resulted in the creation of far-reaching learning opportunities for pupils and staff alike, from regular inputs to learning and teaching, the offer of work placements to hosting a major event at the school as part of the Edinburgh Festival.  The role of EIF staff as student mentors has been of significant added value to the young people. The ambitions and aspirations gained by the young people through this project has been further developed through a  wider range of partnerships with Edinburgh Rugby, RBS, Columba 1400 and Foxlake (see Junior Adventure Leader programme) , providing a sustained investment in the young people within the school community.

Castlebrae CHS provides a tailored  curriculum to better meet the needs of their learners (eg. through the Skiff boat project,  various vocational courses, a pupil lead community bistro (Social Enterprise Academy award 2018)) which young people reported as having a significant impact on their confidence and the acquisition of transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, leadership  etc..  The overall impact in terms of ethos, attendance, attainment, parental engagement, enrolment and positive destination figures in this area is also tangible.

If you want to find out more about the school’s approach why not attend their seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival, Thursday, 20 September (12 noon).


Scottish Education Awards 2018: Now open for nominations!

Employability and Creativity across Learning

The Scottish Education Awards recognise early learning and childcare settings and schools that have developed a vibrant and progressive culture and climate of continuous innovation.

This award recognises establishments which promote creativity and the world of work for pupils and staff through the development of skills across all contexts and settings where young people are learning.

The culture and ethos should promote respect, ambition and achievement while improving outcomes for all learners in ways which eliminate inequity.
Please give careful thought to the points below before submitting your nomination. It is important that you provide as much detail as you can to give a good account of the practical activities and programmes you are supporting in relation to this award category. You should also answer each question fully as the scoring criteria for the awards are based on these questions. Bullet points and concise sentences are acceptable.

To nominate in The Employability and Creativity across Learning Award please click here.

When submitting your nomination form please consider the following when answering the questions.

1. Please provide detail about all the activities, programmes and creative approaches you are taking forward in your setting in relation to this award category. How are these being embedded across the four contexts for learning? (Max 600 words)

The 4 contexts of learning are:
•Ethos and life of the school as a community
•Curriculum areas and subjects
•Interdisciplinary learning
•Opportunities for personal achievement

For this award you may wish to include details about the following:
•How does your establishment promote creativity and the world of work for pupils and staff?
•How are these skills being developed across all curriculum areas, in interdisciplinary studies/projects and in all other contexts and settings where young people are learning?
•How is your school ensuring that practitioners and young people, recognise, articulate and value these?

2. How are you promoting equity, equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to this award category? (Max 300 words)

For this award you may wish to include details about the following:
•How is your school ensuring all young people have the opportunities to develop employability and creativity skills?

3. What impact are your approaches having on learners, staff, their families, partner organisations, other educational establishments and the wider community? What evidence do you have to support this? (Max 300 words)

For this award you may wish to include details about the following:
•How is your school ensuring parents are aware of, and understand the value of employability and creativity skills?
•How are your partnerships supporting the development of these skills?

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