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Flu Education Pack – 2016

In an update to the post below,   information is now available on the flu vaccine effectiveness in Scottish primary school age children for the 2015/16 season.

Please visit <http://www.hps.scot.nhs.uk/news/newsdetail.aspx?id=21855>

NHS logo This is posted on behalf of Ioannis Tamvakas, Senior Health Improvement Officer at NHS Health Scotland

The resources listed below make up the Flu Education Pack and are aimed at school staff supporting the National Flu Immunisation Programme. More specifically, below you can find electronic copies of: 

·         A teachers’ briefing note introducing the Education Pack, which includes a useful guide that can be used for planning the immunisation sessions at your school, as well as background detail on the flu programme.

·         A number of suggested classroom-based activities about flu and immunisation, with clear links to Curriculum for Excellence.

·         For information purposes only, samples of the invitation letter and leaflet which are sent to parents (please note these reference copies are for information purposes only).

·         For information purposes only, a sample of the post-immunisation advice leaflet, which is provided to parents following their child’s immunisation (please note these reference copies are for information purposes only).

·         The consent form guidance, a resource to help support parents to accurately complete the consent form (NEW for 2016).

·         A staffroom poster, a resource to raise awareness of the Education Pack with teachers and staff in your school (NEW for 2016).

·         Copies of posters for display in schools to increase awareness among parents and children about the flu immunisation programme.

 25603-FLU Classroom Activity Sheets-06-16

25603-FLU Help protect your child against flu primary school-06-16

5603-FLU immunisation in primary schools-06-16

25603-Sample form-06-16

25603-Sample letter-06-16

25603-What to expect after the flu vaccine-06-16

25603-A3 Childhood Flu primary school empty belly poster-06-16

25603-A3 Childhood Flu primary school poster-06-16

25603-A3 Childhood Flu staffroom poster-06-16

25603-FLU Classroom

Gender equality in Early Learning and Childcare settings

Water experiment

Our colleagues at Health Scotland have approached us to ask for our assistance with a piece of research that is currently underway to look at gender stereotypes in ELCC settings. Health Improvement Senior, Barbara Adzajlic, said,

“Gender stereotypes are all around us and impact heavily on our children from the moment they are born. From the colours they wear to the toys they play with, the books they read, and the behaviours that are expected of them, girls and boys are influenced by family members, the media and society at large. The impacts of this include performance at school, career choices, expectations within relationships, emotional literacy and mental health.”

Making rockets!
Making rockets!

A group of organisations is exploring approaches to tackling gender stereotyping and gender equality in early learning and childcare settings. The group includes NHS Health Improvement, respect Me, LGBT Youth Scotland, Men in Childcare, Fathers Network Scotland, Zero Tolerance and Baltic Street Adventure Play.

The first step is to run a short survey of projects and organisations in Scotland and the UK which may be doing work to tackle gender stereotyping and gender equality in ELCC. This will allow reseachers to gather information on those resources or programmes already in existence, to learn lessons from existing approaches.

The researchers are looking for input from ELCC practitioners, so get involved if you can. They are also keen to hear from parents and carers about their experiences and views on the issue, so please do encourage parents to get invovled too.

Please follow the link below and complete the survey moneky questionnaire:

Please note that the survey closes on Friday, 30th October 2015.

Should you have any questions about the research, please call Barbara Adzajlic or Susie Heywood on 0141 232 0174/0171.

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