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Hands up for LfS nominations!


Croftcroighn Primary School won the Learning for Sustainability (LfS) award at last year’s Scottish Education Awards. In this guest blog post, the Glasgow school share their story and encourage others to apply for this year’s award:

“We were delighted to win the Learning for Sustainability award at last year’s Scottish Education Awards.

We first decided to apply for the award to gain recognition for the excellent practice in Learning for Sustainability we feel we have established, not only in Croftcroighn School itself but across our wider campus and with various other partners.

We reflected upon Glasgow’s Growing Good Citizens diagram which provided us with a framework to work within and used the Reflection Tool: A whole school journey towards Learning for Sustainability to track and monitor our progress.

As a school we have undertaken a lot of work across many areas of Learning for Sustainability, this has included our extensive International Education programme We have gained our full International Schools Award from the British Council and received our plaque and flag. We have hosted many International visitors to the school from Namibia, Sweden, Dubai, Holland and Japan. We are currently involved in the Erasmus Plus project and have a social enterprise link with Malawi, working alongside a local secondary school.

We also have a thriving eco-committee in the school, which pupils, parents and the wider school croftcroighncommunity are involved in. We are currently working towards permanent green flag status.

Last session we were awarded a grant from Education Scotland which allowed us to undertake a whole school Food for Thought Project. This enabled us to raise awareness around the importance of healthy eating with both parents and pupils as well as developing a range of life skills. This has continued this session through the Love Food Hate Waste initiative we are involved in.

Another of our recent developments was to look at effectively taking our learning outdoors to develop pupil’s skills and understanding across the curriculum. This initiative was fully embraced by all staff and pupils and it now firmly embedded within the school and the wider campus as a whole. This included the development of a whole campus orchard.

It is important that our pupils learning takes place in a variety of contexts to make it meaningful for them and to develop their life skills, self-confidence and communication. On reflection many of the different initiatives we are involved in under Learning for Sustainability allows this to happen in a variety of ways and we were extremely proud to be shortlisted for the award. The judge’s visit was a very positive experience and they were keen to hear about all the work that was going on within the school.

A number of pupils represented the school at the award ceremony and celebration which was a wonderful experience for them and one which they thoroughly enjoyed. ”

SEA2016There is still time to nominate in the LfS category for this year’s Scottish Education Awards. Nominations must be submitted by 12pm on Monday 15th February.

Thank you to Clare Fitzpatrick and Margaret McFadden from Croftcroighn School for sharing their story.

School Grounds: Funding Opportunity

Are you keen to develop school grounds, community gardens or other community spaces? The Tesco Local Community Scheme now provides funding to support projects in school or nursery grounds – even those without public access. The fund is for 140 grants of £8,000, £10,000 or £12,000.5p

A brief expression of interest  should be completed by Friday 11th December. The full application  is due for submission by January 15th 2016.

The grants are funded from the money raised from the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores. The grant programme is administered by Groundwork, working with Greenspace Scotland.

Thanks to Grounds for Learning for sharing this exciting news.

5 must-see apps for science outdoors!

Check out these apps and websites to support your outdoor learning journey!

imageUK Ladybird survey: get counting and finding out about different types of ladybirds. What do your findings tell you about the biodiversity of your school grounds/local area? http://www.ladybird-survey.org

iRecord butterfly app: find out about butterflies in your area and why they are important. Record your findings on the app or website and become a citizen scientist! http://www.ladybird-survey.org/recording.aspx

imageOPAL Tree health: Use the information and photographs in this guide to help you identify pests and diseases on Oak, Ash and Horse Chestnut trees and six of the Most Unwanted.  www.opalexplorenature.org/treesurvey

Air Quality in Scotland: find out about air quality in your area www.scottishairquality.co.uk

And why not compare it with your own findings using the OPAL air quality lichen survey? www.opalexplorenature.org/surveys/air

iSpot: http://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland

Found a plant or animal and not sure what it is? Post a picture to the iSpot community and find out! Great for thinking about identification and classification.

Found another app or site that is useful for science and outdoor learning? Why not let us know?

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