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How good is our school? – Increasing creativity

what are creativity skills piece 1

How good is our school? provides a suite of quality indicators that support staff in all sectors to scrutinise their work and evaluate what is working well for learners and what could be better. It is a key aspect of the Scottish approach to school improvement and supports self-evaluation and reflection by practitioners at all levels.


The 4th edition was launched at this year’s Scottish Learning Festival and features a new quality indicator – Increasing creativity and employability – that will help schools across Scotland to embed progression in skills for learning, life and work in young people’s learning.. To support this, Education Scotland’s Creativity Team have developed two new infographics that can help you quickly understand What are creativity skills?, and identify the national and local support to Unlock your creativity. The infographics can be printed and shared freely.


Join the Creativity Professional Learning Community on Glow or visit the Education Scotland website for more information.

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