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Webinar: Career Education 3 – 18; Thursday, 3 Dec @ 4pm

RoadmapRegister:  When is it?   Thursday, 3 December, 4 – 5 pm

Where?  Live on Glow TV (Glow login required).   Register here

Who is this for?  Head teachers, teachers,  employers, parents/carers and anyone one else interested/ involved  in the development of career education from 3 -18.


Mairi Thomson, Development Officer, Skills 3 – 18 Team);                Ken Edwards, Education Programme Lead, Skills Development Scotland;                                                                                                                                      James Cook, Depute head teacher, Crown Primary School, Highland Council;

About the Glow Meet:

This interactive session will share some news around career education in Scotland.

Information about the career education standard will be shared along with some ‎tools to help you and your colleagues explore the standard. Skills Development Scotland will share the work underway to support learners, teachers and parents/carers.

You will be given insight into a successful Career Management Skills project run in Lochardil Primary School, Highlands. The presentation by James Cook comes with a set of materials that describes the aims of the project, provides a 14 week programme outline and evaluative comments. It is worth hearing about!

There will be time for you to ask questions about the presentations as well as the wider Developing the Young Workforce agenda.

Hope you can tune in and join us.

Developing the Young Workforce – Glow Meet series

This brand new monthly ‎series provides a professional learning opportunity for anyone interested in finding out more about  Roadmapdevelopments emerging from the Developing the Young Workforce programme.

Topics will include: Career education 3-18, work placements, school/employer partnerships, links to CfE, vocational pathways, senior phase developments etc.  These sessions are interactive in nature and give everyone involved the opportunity to ask questions, reflect on current practice and engage in professional dialogue with colleagues on key issues around this agenda.

The first session will take place on Thursday, 5 November at 4pm with an exclusive introduction to the DYW team providing you with an overview of ‘All you need to know’ about Developing the Young Workforce. We will also introduce the newly released ‎guidance on School/Employer Partnerships, Career Education (3-18) and Work Placements Standards.
There will also be time to ask specific questions, exchange information or raise any burning issues.

Sign up to this session here (Glow access required).

Next session:  3 December, ‘Career Education (3-18) – latest developments and an exciting project from Highland Council’.

Getting Ready for Winter Glow TV

Ready-for-Winter-WestieDon’t get caught out with bad weather this winter! Doing small things now can save a lot of trouble later. Take part in our Glow TV event to hear from the Met Office, Sustrans and SEPA on why you need to get ready and what you can do. This will include getting your home and bike ready for winter. Our experts are keen to answer your questions too.  This is a great opportunity to get ready for winter!

If you are not a teacher pass this on to your education contacts, it will be worth watching!

This glow meet is suitable for upper primary and lower secondary and will be on 24th  November 10.45 – 11.45.  Sign up to register here!

In the meantime, visit the visit bit.ly/RfEScot Ready for Winter page to get ideas to use with your class. You’ll find a power point, short video and learning journeys packed full of ideas to get you started.  Keep safe this winter!


#TellTheUN your experiences of life in Scotland

UN_5Organised in conjunction with SCCYP (Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People), The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child is sending a representative to Scotland to find out about young people’s lives in our country― and they’d like to hear your views.

If you’re under 18, you can use the hashtag #TellTheUN on Twitter to highlight your experiences – good or bad – of life in Scotland. You could also include what you think needs to happen to improve access to your rights. We’ll then send them to UN representative Amal Aldoseri ahead of her visit to Scotland on Thursday 3 September.

Topics which you might want to think about could include:

  • your school
  • your community
  • your experiences of health services
  • your family
  • your work.

thumbnail2If you don’t use Twitter you can forward questions to Amal by posting replies on the following Glow blog. Teachers and pupils will require a Glow login to do so.


1415208720655Amal will talk to children in a special Glow TV event from 9:30am to 10am on Thursday 3 September about the views and opinions she recieves. While she’ll be able to take some comments directly, it’s best that children’s views are submitted to us by Tuesday 1 September, so we can forward them to Amal in advance.

Email SCCYP the views of children you teach.

Sign your class up to see Amal on Glow.

Community resilience activities around Scotland

Community resilience activities around Scotland:

Please see below for the latest information on what’s happening in education and resilience:

Glow meet Watch Again

An enthusiastic and inspiring nineteen year old organised a trip to Greenland with three friends last summer to record the impact of climate change on the landscape and on the people. He will be discussing the footage he took and the soundtrack he recorded.  This can all be found on Education Scotland’s Weather and Climate Change page.

I would be grateful if you could pass this information  on to any of your local schools who might be interested in this.

This summer he is planning a trip to the Himalayas where again he will be recording his findings and sharing with Education Scotland.  He is a very engaging and enthusiastic presenter and this will hopefully encourage discussion in classrooms about the effects of a changing climate.

Community Resilience Networking Event 5th June 2015 in the Menzies Hotel, Glasgow

Target audience: teachers, school managers, local authority education officers, community resilience officers, flood planners, emergency planning officers and civil contingency officers.

This event is free.  To book a place at this event please click on this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C66DZ8N It is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment. For any questions about the event please contact: Joanne.Walker@educationscotland.gsi.gov.uk


Ready for Emergencies website update

This is a resource aimed at teachers to help them deliver community resilience themed lessons in the classroom.  What could you add?

We need photos, case studies and footage to really help bring the learning to life.  We’d be really grateful if you were able to add anything to the website, please let me know if you do. Many thanks for your help with this.

Local Authorities

Scottish Borders Council

Education Scotland visited Earlston High School at the start of May to observe a resilience themed day organised by S3 pupils, Principal Teacher of Guidance Scott Watson and Kevin Sewell Assistant Emergency Planning Officer– Photos taken by the press team  The Pupils from Earlston High School took part in a number of exercises to give them an insight into dealing with emergency situations.  The exercises were run by a number of outside agencies including Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Borders Search and Rescue Unit, Salvation Army, Scottish Borders Council, British Red Cross and Police Scotland.

Highland Council

Education Scotland visited Safe Highlanders earlier this month.  It is an annual event that promotes community safety, health and crime prevention to pupils. Primary 7 pupils get their chance to experience a number of potentially hazardous situations and participate in a range of simulated practical exercises. It is organised by The Highland Council, High Life Highland, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Scottish and Southern Energy, Scorrish Environment Protection Agency, British Red Cross, Institute of Safety and Health, and Fujitsu.

Perth and Kinross, Angus and Dundee Councils

There’s a similar event to Highland Council’s, called Safe Taysiders. It takes place over two weeks in May and is for P7 pupils in the Perth and Kinross, Angus and Dundee council areas. It involves a range of partners delivering hazard and safety advice.

Glasgow City Council

This is another website that has information on different cities and how they are resilient. Glasgow has recently become a part of this.

On this website you can search for other cities that have similar or different issues to Glasgow.

Essex Council

This council has a Developing Community Resilience Through Schools project.  This project aims to increase the resilience of schools to emergencies by providing national resources for schools to use: ‘What if? Molly and Ben go to the beach’ ‘What if? Molly and Ben are flooded…’ ‘What if? Molly and Ben have a power cut!’ ‘What if? The weather is bad…’
Please do get in touch!














Topical Science and Partnerships : twilight professional learning events begin Wednesday 11th March

Following the publication of its 3-18 Curriculum Impact Report for Sciences in September 2012, Education Scotland organised a series of conversation days, where priorities for action to secure improvements in science education nationally were identified.

Key aspects for development emerged, which included:

In the primary sector and at the early stages of secondary school, there is generally less emphasis in the key area of Topical Science than on the other four organisers……. In these cases, children and young people do not have enough opportunity to discuss and debate a range of ethical issues.”
To address this aspect the Sciences team hosted a “Topical Science and Partnerships” Glow Meet .

To Watch Again : https://meet.glowscotland.org.uk/p5rd5cx8od8/

Each glow meet is complimented by a series of professional learning twilight sessions.

Please register through: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TwilightSessions2015

Breakout sessions will be provided by Dynamic Earth, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Glasgow City of Science, Stem Ambassadors and The English Speaking Union.

Education Scotland will also be delivering sessions on Citizen Science, Community Resilience, Food and Science and Social Studies and Science.


GLOW MEET EXCLUSIVE! Ask an astronaut – with Commander Chris Hadfield

chris hadfield






The previous Commander of the International Space Station delighted, entertained and inspired us with his videos detailing life in space. He showed us how to make a sandwich in space, how he brushed his teeth, and even recorded his own version of a famous David Bowie song, Space Oddity.

On Tuesday March 24th at 2.30pm, Commander Hadfield will be on Glow TV answering pupils’ questions about science, space and the Universe.

What was his most terrifying moment in space? What does flying a rocket feel like? How has he adjusted to life back on Earth?

We will be selecting the best questions and these pupils will have the opportunity to ask questions live directly to Commander Hadfield on the day!

Submit your questions to glow.connect@glowscotland.onmicrosoft.com before 20th March with the title “Ask an astronaut”. Don’t forget to include your pupils’ names, ages and school. To register for the event, click here (Glow log-in required).

NMS – Dinosaur Discovery

Small - Dinosaur NMSGlow TV once again returns to the National Museum of Scotland on Tuesday 24th February at 1.30pm to find out more about our past and this time we are going back to prehistoric times to find out more about dinosaurs!

Explore fossil evidence to discover clues about how dinosaurs lived. Join the team at National Museums Scotland who will take you through some fun experiments and calculations to find out some facts and figures about dinosaur life.

Topical science and partnerships

BF2A9145Following the publication of its 3-18 Curriculum Impact Report for Sciences in September 2012, Education Scotland organised a series of conversation days, where priorities for action to secure improvements in science education nationally were identified.

Key aspects for development emerged, which included:

In the primary sector and at the early stages of secondary school, there is generally less emphasis in the key area of Topical Science than on the other four organisers……. In these cases, children and young people do not have enough opportunity to discuss and debate a range of ethical issues.”

Young people are increasingly surrounded by scientific issues in the media and their everyday lives. By considering current issues through topical science, learners increasingly develop their understanding of scientific concepts and their capacity to form informed social, moral and ethical views. They reflect upon and critically evaluate media portrayal of scientific findings.

To address this aspect the Sciences team are hosting a Glow Meet entitled “Topical Science and Partnerships” which will be complimented again by a series of professional learning twilight sessions.

Contexts for delivering topical science and methods for planning topical science will be addressed.

Join us on Tuesday 4th March at 3.45 – 4.45 pm in Glow TV to find out more.

Register now to take part.



Celebrate Chinese New Year 2015

Small - Chinese New YearTo bring in the Chinese New Year St Ninian’s High school (Kirkintilloch) will be hosting a Chinese showcase. Four primary schools as well as pupils from St. Ninian’s, local Chinese community children choir, and Musicians from Harmony Chinese Music Ensemble will take part in the show displaying the wide ranging talents and skills honed by pupils through the work of East Dunbartonshire’s Confucius Hub based in St Ninian’s.

The programme includes traditional Chinese performances such as dragon dancing, traditional music and drama. There are also more modern Chinese performances of break dancing, rapping and singing.

Join us in Glow TV on Friday 20th February at 1pm to take part in the celebrations.
Register to take part live in Glow TV – Celebrate Chinese New Year 2015