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Founders4Schools – News

Announcing the Founders4Schools iPad App
On October 9th we announced the new Founders4Schools iPad App being rolled out across schools in Glasgow City. A brand new tool for teachers who want their students to benefit from encounters with local business leaders. The first version of the app will let teachers go through the full booking process: set up your event, share the details with us and find suitable speakers from the local area. It also provides plenty of detail about each potential speaker, as well as filters to help you select business leaders relevant to your school.

New case study formats
Whether you are a teacher, practitioner or an employer an easy way to get a feel for what Founders4Schools can offer you have a look at the following exemplars:

September has been our best month ever!
Over the month of September teachers across Scotland booked Founders4Schools encounters which will positively affect 3300 young people in Scotland. Have a look at our events map and see what’s happening near you. https://dywscot.founders4schools.org.uk/events Then why not book an event in your area? https://dywscot.founders4schools.org.uk/search/full

DYW Interesting Practice – Ferguslie – Pre-Five Centre: Skills Development in Early Years

pwp_2896Ferguslie Pre-Five Centre, this year’s Scottish Education Award winner in the category ‘Employability across Learning’,  provides a skills based learning approach for children from 3 – 5 years, actively seeking to connect learning to the world of work whenever possible.  Through a variety of play contexts and in connection with professionals and local businesses they engage in projects that inspire enterprising attitudes and creativity.  At the same time it introduces children to a range of jobs people hold within the wider community.

pwp_3132Children are at the heart of this approach, influencing the direction of projects by leading the learning.   Some examples include the creation of a ‘dog house’, their business venture, the ‘Rainbow Café’ for the local community and creating a nursery newspaper.

The Tackling Poverty agenda has further motivated staff to support children in developing the necessary skills and confidence to succeed. The opportunities and experiences put ipwp_3552n place in partnership with parents supports the develop of skills for everyone involved ensuring that no matter their stage of development they are equipped to lead their own learning and celebrate their achievements.

Judith Thomas, head of the centre says:  “At Ferguslie Pre-Five Centre our children have a natural curiosity about the world around them and we, as a staff, have put an increased emphasis on the development of children’s skills through play.  They engage in projects that develops a depth of learning and to scaffold this, we connect to and work with businesses and professions.  Local schools and colleges also  support the projects children engage in and they understand who can help them achieve.”   Partners and parents make valuable contributions to the curriculum and opportunities to involve the local community in children’s learning are maximised. ”

The holistic approach taken by the centre to developing skills and engaging children in play around the world of work providpwp_2676es inspiration and creative engagement opportunities that fosters positive attitudes for learning, life and work, important stepping stones for career education from 3 – 18.

Hear more about the nursery’s approach to developing skills for learning, life and work employability by accessing the following interview with Judith and her staff: ttps://youtu.be/FMZ0v2bmuPQ


Additional resource:

2016 Scottish Learning Festival presentation:  career-education-at-ferguslie-pre-five-centre

DYW Interesting practice: All exemplars published so far

int-pract-exIn the third year the implementation of the DYW Youth Employment strategy we are seeing an increasing amount of creative and dynamic work coming to the fore in this area.  We would like to share some of this with you through our ‘interesting practice exemplars’  in order to inspire thinking and discussion.  The exemplification also provides you with contacts to support collaboration as we collectively  progress on our journeys to enhance children and young peoples’ opportunities to develop skills for learning, life and work.

The following  DYW exemplars have been published so far:

Early Years and Primary:


Local authorities and national support:

Education Scotland’s DYW resource – a summary

RoadmapSince the implementation of Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy in response to the recommendations put forward by the Commission for Developing the Young Workforce in September 2014 Education Scotland has publish a number of key documents and related resources to support practitioners in realising the ambitions around DYW.  Here is an overview which aims to help navigation and access:

Key documents:

Reviews and reports:

DYW Information Update:           DYW Information Update -Aug 17 provides an overview of the entire DYW programme.

Implementation overview of the 5 DYW Change Themes for the rest of the programme duration:

Related Resources (on the new National Improvement Hub):

Interesting Practice exemplars (collated):

A series of interesting practice examples are being published on the National Improvement Hub. The  following ones are currently available:

Equalities and inclusion

The following links provides a number of resources and links to help practitioners identify and tackle issues of gender stereotyping in their classrooms and schools:     Improving gender balance 3-18

More information can be found on the National Improvement Hub and the Education Scotland website.

DYW Skills 3-18 Website, Blog and E-bulletin

You also find this information as well as links to  additional materials and partner organisations within the dyw-flyer-feb-17


NNM – Progression in fractions, decimal fractions and %

Small- Module 13 Session 2Join the team at Education Scotland for the second session of Module 13 on Tuesday 2nd February at 4pm.

This session will look at progression in fractions, decimal fractions and percentages. Ensuring conceptual understanding.

Using background analysis from the SSLN the aims of this session are:
• (Building on session 1) Further explore progression in fractions, decimal fractions and percentages • Highlight areas of strength and development needs in fractions, decimal fractions and percentages
• Look at the Professional Learning Resources to support practitioners.
• Explore recent exemplification from the National Numeracy Progression Framework.

The session is most relevant for practitioners teaching secondary pupils.

Sign up to join us live in Glow TV – NNM – Progression in fractions, decimal fractions and %

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.