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Promoting Digital Careers – IBM

Small- Promoting Digital CareersJoin two IBM apprentices Andrew Logan and Heather Craig and IBM Scotland Software Group Leader Gillian Docherty to find out more about their careers.

Technology is embedded in our everyday life, from Social Media and Online Commerce to digital engagement as citizens through to advancements in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence every individual and every sector is impacted by technology. New organisations worth Billions never existed 10 years ago, companies are disappearing as they have not transformed and utilised technology to stay ahead of the competition. Scotland has a huge skill shortage and recruits over 9500 individuals a year into technology roles, these range from Digital Marketing, Social Media Champions, Cyber Security Experts and Developers. We do not have enough candidates to fill these roles and therefore it is critical for the industry to ensure we attract those young individuals at school to think about joining our industry and making a difference.

During the Glow TV session the presenters will:
– talk about how they joined IBM
– talk about what they do in their day to day jobs
– talk about what they enjoy about what they do and how it impacts their clients and the world we live in

Join us on Thursday 21st May at 11am. Register now in Glow TV.