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Let’s Get Digital at SLF

The Digital team will be at this year’s SLF with an exciting offering of activities available to all delegates across both days.

Visit the Education Scotland Stand

The Education Scotland stand will host a schedule of Digital Literacy and Glow focused drop in sessions available on both days. Digital is about supporting learning and teaching  so we have arranged a timetable of inspirational and practical sessions for you to join in, learn something new and take your experiences back to the classroom.

To allow you to plan ahead we have put together a timetable of activity which will take place on both days. You can find this below.


On day 2 of SLF visit the STEM expo in the Lomond Auditorium. The team will be leading the Tinker Table to help you build, create, design and inspire ideas to embed digital in every day learning and teaching.

Sessions run from 10.45 – 11.30 and again 13.15 – 14.00

We look forward to welcoming you to the Scottish Learning Festival.

The Digital Literacy and Glow drop in sessions will take place on the ES stand on both days of SLF:

Time Presentation

(10:30 start on day 2)


Improve workload and workflow

Come along and find out about the benefits of using Glow tools to save you valuable time and move towards a better work/life balance.



Capturing Pupil Voice

Learn about formative assessment tools to capture the learning of young people to inform next steps and give them feedback.



Internet Safety and Cyber Resilience

Understand the latest risks and threats and gain access to a wide range of resources, support and guidance through Glow.



Digital Creativity

Create and share interactive stories, animations, personal accounts, presentations and more through the use of Glow tools.



Parental Engagement

Use Glow tools to share and celebrate pupil learning and build digital learning portfolios.

Learn @ BBC Scotland: How will you be living in 50 years’ time?

BBC Scotland Learning and the Glasgow Science Centre invite you to take part in a day of talks and activities to look at the future. There will be a live talk by Scotland’s leading scientists talking about robots, climate and health at the Science Centre on 8 May.

Dallas Campbell will host the event as he speaks to Prof Sethu Vijayakumar, Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics and a Judge on Robot Wars, Prof Lesley Yellowlees, who was the first ever female President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and geneticist Prof Kevin O’Dell from Glasgow University.

The talk will also be streamed live and you can talk to the expert panel online.

Find out more here.

Can we learn from Making Ireland Click – Literacy series

Making Ireland Click is a campaigning four-part series, guided by Ireland’s Digital Champion, David Puttnam.  on the skills  Irish citizens need  to be  digitally literate. Over four half hour episodes, the series deals with digital inclusion and showcases work around skills needed  to go online.

There are a range of useful adult learner resources, including videos on online banking and social media tips, available on the shows.
To learn more about Making Ireland Click see here

Flipping SLF!

flippedSLFAre you attending the Scottish Learning Festival (SLF) this year? Some of our presenters are using professional learning communities on Glow to ‘flip’ the learning at SLF.

Before the seminar, colleagues will be asked to join the community and leave a comment in the Newsfeed or Yammer group. This will get the professional dialogue going even before the seminar happens.

During the seminar, the key points and resources will be captured and made available on the online community. Colleagues may also be asked to make an individual or collaborative pledge to change their practice.

After the seminar, the dialogue can be continued, resources accessed and the community used to add value to the SLF experience.

Flipped seminar participants will be emailed personally but if you are coming to SLF or just interested in the SLF chat, make your way to the National Professional Learning Community

You’ll find some support on how to get onto Glow Yammer if you’ve never used it.

Use the tag #flippingslf and you will be guided to get the most out of SLF and professional learning on Glow.


If you need access to Glow or need to revive your Glow details, see this post How do I get a login?

If Glow is new to you, find out more on our Glow Connect blog

PS This post has been updated for SLF 2016 and to reflect the fact that many communities now use Yammer

Music Technology at Greenwood Academy

On 2nd April, we had the pleasure of visiting the Music Department at Greenwood Academy in North Ayrshire to learn what they had been doing for the new Music Technology Nat 5 course. Here we describe what we saw!

This task involves planning and creating a radio show that lasts approximately 3 minutes and covers 2 genres of music, introducing a guest, a phone interview, an advert and a DJ Drop (jingle for their DJ name).

The pupils use GarageBand to create the sound effects for the DJ Drop and advert as well as recording their voice using a condenser microphone which they can apply an effect to. They also have to write a script for their advert and find appropriate background music for it. They then have to record their telephone interview with a partner, using sounds effects to make the voice sound as though it is coming through a telephone. The last part of the preparation is choosing 2 tracks to play and gathering information about the tracks in order to introduce them.

Once all the parts have been recorded, the pupils have to write a script for the whole show, before recording it.

A huge thank-you to Music Teacher, Alyson Rogers for inviting us to see the learners – they were a credit to the school and clearly enthusiastic contributors. Click here to check out the videos on the National Digital Learning Community blog as the learners describe how they put it all together.

Digital Technology Sharing Event in Dundee Science Centre

Barnhill PSAnother great #DigiLearnScot event! At Dundee Science Centre we had the chance to interact with a huge list of digital experts as you can see from the list below. A huge thanks to Louise Foreman at Dundee City Council for organising the event and to the Dundee Science Centre for hosting it.

The room was full of motivated, interested teams, learners and staff who were all keen to focus on the digital agenda. This is what the National Digital Learning Community is all about – sharing the impact of using digital tools across a variety of curricular areas to the benefit of learners.

Karen Petrie showed us how to teach Binary Coding in your class using loom bands, Kate Farrell shared the many ways computational thinking can be developed – and not always with a computer! Abertay University Ethical hackers shared the need to keep our data safe whilst Bright Solid and Code Club shared the need to embed digital competencies into our schools. Future Fossil Studios and Guerilla Tea focussed on gaming creation and design.

The learners we spoke to from Barnhill Primary and Longhaugh Primary were full of enthusiasm about what they had been doing and how it supported their learning. Declan, an S2 pupil from St Paul’s Academy, demonstrated his Advanced Higher project and showed his passion for the subject whilst Harris Academy shared their BYOD journey. What stars they all were! Check out our video coming soon to find out more.

And so today’s pledge is learn more about Code Club and CoderDojo to see if we can produce a nation with the thinking skills to succeed in whatever they choose to do. #DigiLearnpledge



Digital Learning Week – Boghall Primary Visit

Snip20150312_1We had the pleasure of visiting Boghall Primary in Bathgate on the third day of #DigiLearnScot week and what a treat it was! They wanted to share with us how they embedded digital technologies into their learning and boy, did they! From their daily Glow meets run, written and presented by the P3 pupils to their ChickFlicks project to the opportunities they have around personalisation and choice when it comes to presenting their work.

We were treated to a live Glow Meet broadcast to the whole school where they share the important news for the day, including a daily challenge set for all classes, the weather, birthdays and a visit to the Chick Flick camera where the pupils could see live what had been happening with their newly hatched chicks. The P3 pupils then shared with us their roles in making this daily broadcast happen. They have presenters, a technical team, autocue operators and crowd controllers! We may be borrowing them to help with Glow TV events!

Some P7 pupils shared what they had done with their civil rights project and how they made use of digital tools to present their work. Both were extremely proud of what they had done and were able to explain clearly their choices. Impressive stuff!

The P7 technical team explained their role in running assemblies and school events – they control the mother ship! This means they are solely responsible for the sound and images used in events – responsible citizens, indeed.

It was then our turn to tell them what our favourite digital technology was and how we used it in our daily work. The learners were keen to emphasise to us that the skills they are using in school today will help support them in the jobs of the future. And they had some great ideas about what the “tech” of the future would look like:

  • No need to food shop, fridge does it for you!
  • All digital textbooks.
  • Paper that when you touch it shows you the video that you want.
  • 50D TVs that you can reach into!

It was a real privilege to be invited and to see how the use of digital technologies is having a lasting impact on the children’s learning.

Digital Learning Day on Glow TV


The 50 places for the Social Studies Dgitial Learning Day in Stirling were snapped up in a day.

But you can take part in the presentations and conversations by registering for the event on Glow TV.

Saturday 21st March

10:00 – 12:15

Register  here:


You can also share ideas on the Wiki for the event. Log on with your Glow details.


A full programme for the day can be downloaded here:



#DigiLearnScot Week in Glow TV

DigiLearn Scot#DigiLearnScot Week is coming to Glow TV from 2nd – 6th March.

Join us for an exciting selection of different Glow TV sessions that will show you the different types of digital learning that is going on around Scotland.

You can register to join in with any of these sessions live in Glow TV:

Monday 2nd March at 3.30pm – Digital Leaders @ Kirklandneuk Primary
During this Glow TV event, discover how Digital Leaders were developed in Kirklandneuk Primary School in Renfrewshire, and find out how to tackle this in your own establishment. Register to take part in Glow TV.

Monday 2nd March at 3.45pm – TeachMeet
Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and technology. Register to take part in Glow TV.

Tuesday 3rd March at 3.45pm – QR Codes at Cardross Primary
Have you used QR codes in your school? QR codes might sound scarily complicated but they’re surprisingly easy to use and they are an informative and fun addition to the classroom.Register to take part in Glow TV.

Wednesday 4th March at 12.30pm – Have You Got the 1+2 Factor?
Join us on Glow TV to find out how to get involved in this nationwide event for Scottish education establishments. Register to take part in Glow TV.

Thursday 5th March at 11am – Brydekirk LearnMeet
As part of DigiLearn Scot week join learners from Brydekirk Primary in Dumfries and Galloway who will be hosting a LearnMeet. Register to take part live in Glow TV.

Friday 6th March at 9.30am – Meet the Digital Leaders
Join us live from Kirklandneuk and Glenburn Primaries to learn more from the Digital Leaders themselves as we bring our Glow TV coverage of DigiLearnScot week to a close. Register to take part in Glow TV.

Build-a-space live from Lockerbie

5thMarch2015Calling all educators!

Welcome to Build-a-space live from Lockerbie!

You too can have the online learning space of your dreams! Maybe it’s a space for your class, your CfE projects, your parents? Whatever it is, we will do our very best to make it happen.

We have assembled a ‘crack team’ of experts from the Digital Learning & Teaching Team (Pam Currie, John Sexton, Ian Stuart, oh and me, Con Morris!)

The team will be assembling (some online and some in person on Lockerbie campus) on Thursday, 5th March to support you and build your spaces until all our pointers are exhausted.

How to take part

  • If you are in the Lockerbie area, feel free to pop in to the Primary School library area and make your request in person.
  • You can make requests and book some time on the Learning Spaces community on Glow
  • The whole thing will be broadcast online using various Glow Lync rooms