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International School Meals Day – Pupil Event

Join us on International School Meals Day 2017 (Thursday 9th March)at 1.30pm to make the connection between people across Scotland and share your food experiences.

This year the theme for International School Meals Day is Food, Culture and Heritage. We are encouraging children and young people (supported by their teachers or other adults) to share ‘stories’ about their culture, heritage and associated food – this could be family food traditions, food that is loved (or not!) in their country or festivals, ceremonies and celebrations that take place.

During the session we will investigate the provenance of school food in Scotland. Do you know where your school food comes from? Can you find out from your catering staff in time for the Glow TV session? In particular this session will look at where bread comes from, the different types of bread to be found here in Scotland and across the world, and the role of bread in our diet.

Overall, the aims of International School Meals Day are to:

* Raise awareness of the importance of the nutritional quality of school meal programs worldwide
* Emphasise the connection between healthy eating, education and better learning
* Connect children around the world to foster healthy eating habits and promote well-being in schools * Share success stories of school meal programs around the globe
* Highlight research activities in school meal programs around the globe
* Raise awareness of the hunger and poverty issues being addressed through school feeding programmes (programs)

Sign up to take part live on the day – International School Meals Day – Pupil Event.

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

Lapin Is Too Hot

Small - Lapin is too hot*PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE EVENT POSTPONED ON 5TH JUNE* Tania is just back from her beach holiday in France! In her little suitcase, she has brought back her rabbit friend Lapin who is feeling a bit too hot…

This exciting Glow TV event includes: * A puppet show performance featuring the lovely rabbit and his friend Oiseau. * A special reading of Lapin’s own book, which introduces children and their teachers to the future bilingual storybook by Le Petit Monde.
* Singing with actions (the ‘Glace’ song, based on the tune of ‘Frère Jacques’).
* A Q&A session with Tania and Lapin.

Tania is a native French puppeteer based in Edinburgh and has set up Le Petit Monde to introduce young children to her language and culture through shows and workshops. While performing in English herself, Tania’s puppets speak simple French phrases. Both show and story are in English and French and accessible to all non French speakers and is suitable for 3 to 7 year olds.

Join us for this live interactive session on Thursday 18th June at 10am – Register in Glow TV.

A Window in to Another World

East Bali Poverty ProjectChildren’s author, Sam Wilding is taking part in an exciting trip to East Bali this month to work with the East Bali Poverty Project and to visit six newly constructed schools. He is blogging about his experiences on Glow Blogs – and he’d like you to join his adventure!

Sam is working with the children to enthuse them about reading and writing, as education is now a main priority in East Bali. He is planning to create a storyboard for a picture book for the children around sanitation and nutrition which is a vital part of their life long learning.

Sam also hopes to raise awareness here in Scotland about the great work of the East Bali Poverty Project and facilitate a sharing of culture between the children here in Scotland and in Bali.

You can get a daily update from Sam from his Glow blog posts and his videos and also take part in his daily challenge question on the – Follow Sam Wilding in Bali blog

Sam will be updating his blog from 18th – 29th May but you can join in at any time and find out about his adventure!

Promoting Digital Careers – A Career in Technology

Small - Career in TechnologyJoin us live in Glow TV for the next in our series Promoting Digital Careers to hear from two ladies who have made their careers in the technologies.

This is an opportunity to hear from Rachael Jack and Louise Harris about how their jobs relate to the Technologies. Rachael uses computer graphics technologies to make discoveries about how people in different cultures communicate with each other and Louise is an artist who works with sounds and with moving images. This is a lively interactive session with lots to see and engage with.

Join us live on Wednesday 6th May at 11am. Register in Glow TV.