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National Coding Week 19th September 2016


How to get involved with National Coding Week

Children are part of a confident “Digital Generation” having grown up with the internet, smart phones and coding classes. However, many adults have missed out on the digital revolution and feel left behind.

“The aim of National Coding Week is to give adults the opportunity to learn some digital skills”.

Children can inspire adults

Children are learning digital skills in school or through coding clubs such as Code Clubs and CoderDojos. We therefore would like these clubs to open their doors to parents for a one-off session in which the children will teach the adults some of the skills they have learnt.

Libraries can act as focal points

Libraries are in an ideal position to act as a focal point and can host a coding session. Either the staff can lead the session or someone who is confident and familiar with coding from the local community can share their skills. Read CILIP’s blog: Libraries — how they can improve our Digital Literacy

Schools can get involved

Children are learning coding but many parents don’t understand what their children are doing and many non-specialist teachers and governors feel they have missed out on these skills.

Web, app, creative and digital businesses can throw open their doors

Those with the expertise can share their skills and have fun teaching people the basics of coding. There are many training organisations who offer courses throughout the year. They can contribute to the week by offering taster sessions to encourage people to sign-up.

Tech Hubs

There are hundreds of tech hubs with amazing businesses working from them. The tech hubs are giving start-ups a platform from which to launch businesses and inspire others. These can be the perfect venue for the week and we would love them to be involved.


1) Keep it simple — it might simply by showing people resources available on the Technologies Professional Learning Community  in Glow, Code.org or Barefoot Computing

2) If you are able to organise it, get a friendly local web development agency, ICT teacher or FE college tutor to lead the session.

Click here to get involved!

Glow App Library NEW!! – Doctor Who Game Maker

Dr Who Game MakerA new tile has been added to the National Glow App Library!

The Doctor Who Game Maker aims to inspire a new generation to get creative with gaming. Playing the Game Maker introduces learners to computational thinking, the software development process and game design. It’s fun, easy to use and gives children the chance to manipulate the Doctor Who universe like never before. The Game Maker introduces game design principles and allows you to build a simple game in minutes before moving onto more complex ideas as you get the hang of it. You can then publish your creation to the arcade and play each others games… A perfect challenge for a fun lesson!

The Doctor’s old Sontaran friend, Strax, is on hand to offer advice with a range of helpful guides that show you how to get started, change the games’ physics to make things fly, animate objects and even add special effects. You can create a fun game from scratch, or use one of a selection of templates to help get you started and there’s a vast range of assets on offer to help you create your own unique games – including stunningly designed environments, monsters new and old, friends, foes, and spaceships from across the galaxy.

It requires no technical knowledge, no download and works on tablets and desktop. The only requirements are access to the web, a willingness to experiment and a bit of imagination!

You can add this free tile to your ‘My Launchpad’ for easy access to this at all times. To add an app or tile to your Launchpad(s) you may find the following video useful – https://glowhelp.wikis.glowscotland.org.uk/Adding+TigTag+Tiles+To+Glow