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Citizen science experiment to measure the speed of light

The University of Glasgow are promoting a citizen science experiment to measure the speed of light. This can be achieved by observing the time of eclipses of the satellites of Jupiter. find out more information at: <http://speedoflight2015.co.uk/>

By harnessing multiple observations from around the world we will be able to recreate Roemer’s famous measurement of the speed of light; extremely fitting for the International Year of Light (link to International Year of Light tab).


5 must-see apps for primary #outdoorlearning

Check out these apps and websites to support your outdoor learning journey!

imageUK Ladybird survey: get counting and finding out about different types of ladybirds. What do your findings tell you about the biodiversity of your school grounds/local area? http://www.ladybird-survey.org


iRecord butterfly app: find out about butterflies in your area and why they are important. Record your findings on the app or website and become a citizen scientist! http://www.ladybird-survey.org/recording.aspx



imageOPAL Tree health: Use the information and photographs in this guide to help you identify pests and diseases on Oak, Ash and Horse Chestnut trees and six of the Most Unwanted.  www.opalexplorenature.org/treesurvey


Air Quality in Scotland: find out about air quality in your area www.scottishairquality.co.uk

And why not compare it with your own findings using the OPAL air quality lichen survey? www.opalexplorenature.org/surveys/air

iSpot: http://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland

Found a plant or animal and not sure what it is? Post a picture to the iSpot community and find out! Great for thinking about identification and classification.


Found another app or site that is useful for science and outdoor learning? Why not let us know?

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