Apr 212015

Atkins Logo Interested in a career in engineering? Would you like to know more about what it    involves? Why not join a live interactive Atkins Engineering Consultancy STEM Ambassador Career Presentation?

From your classroom join a variety of presentations by STEM Ambassadors, allowing 2nd to 6th year students the opportunity to ask about working as an engineer.

Each 30 min interactive career presentation will give an overview of:
•A career in engineering;
•What the STEM Ambassadors like about their jobs;
•What they did to become engineers;
•The opportunities for men and women in STEM Jobs.

These sessions will be available at a time that suits you live online via the Glow Meet in 2015.

For more details contact: STEMglasgow@atkinsglobal.com. Please include your preferred time and dates of your availability to participate.

Download a copy of the Atkins Engineering Consultancy STEM Ambassador Career Presentation flyer.


Apr 212015

dundee science centre

Throughout the last term Dundee Science Centre’s STEM Learning Team have visited 10 secondary schools across Dundee, Fife, Perth and Kinross and Angus with Dr Stephen Watt of the Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre, University of Dundee. The team took groups of senior phase learners through an electrophoresis workshop developed to suit Unit 1 of the new CfE Higher Human Biology course.


The context was skin cancer, and the workshop had three distinct strands. Stephen had some DNA samples of a particular oncogene which the pupils had to prepare for loading, load into the gels, and then analyse the gels to determine which samples were healthy skin and which were cancerous.


Cancer workshop Crieff HS

Whilst the gels ran, they had the opportunity to study healthy and cancerous skin tissue through microscopes, identifying key features of each. There was also time for the pupils to speak to Stephen, to ask questions about skin cancer and what it is like to be a research scientist.



The groups then went through a data analysis task to see which type of cancer treatment is most effective – chemotherapy or targeted treatments.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for young people to learn from a professional scientist about world leading research.

Here’s what teachers said:

“It fitted in well to the Higher Human course”

“Pupils really enjoyed the workshop”

“An absolutely fantastic workshop, thank you!”

“I would personally love it if you were able to come out again when we are teaching CfE Higher Human next year!”


Dundee Science Centre hopes to be able to offer this experience again in the future. If you’d be interested to find out more, get in touch by e-mailing learning@dundeesciencecentre.org.uk


Apr 212015


The light at the end of the tunnel

This year’s Institute of Physics Stirling Meeting will take place at the Stirling Court Hotel (formerly known as the Management Centre) on Wednesday 20th May. Full details, including the programme and the online registration system are available at www.stirlingmeeting.org

Registration deadline is 15th May.

Once again SSERC will be distributing free a valuable educational resource to all delegates who are currently teaching in schools.

Apr 202015

Citizen science on prime time!

Sunday night’s Countryfile programme on BBC1 highlighted the issue of tree diseases and the effect on our environment and our economy.

The biggest threat to British trees is disease – and in many cases there’s no cure. The Countryfile team investigated the threats to our woodland and found out what we can all do to defend our trees including collecting data using the Forestry Commision website and app. You can also use the OPAL Tree Health survey to record findings.


Apr 202015


“Pride: Uplifting British comedy about an unlikely moment in recent history.” filmclub.org

Into Film, invite you to attend a special screening event, exploring political issues within film.

SIGN UP HERE: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/your-voice-developing-political-literacy-in-scotland-pride-screening-registration-16349938105?aff=es2

This event, follow up Q&A, and activity encourages young people to think about:

  • how film can be used as a platform for discussing political themes and young people’s rights
  • how individuals can make their voices heard today
  • how young people can collaborate and participate in decision making
  • what issues are important to young people and how they could address these issues

Pride, a powerful true-life tale, was chosen to help young people to explore the different ways ordinary people can bring about political change. Set in the summer of 1984 a group of gay and lesbian activists decide to raise money to support the families of the striking miners. But there is a problem. The Union seems embarrassed to receive their support.

After the screening there will be a question and answer session with Jonathan Blake, an activist featured in the film. This will give the young people a unique opportunity to speak to someone who helped shape LGBT rights and laws.

From this event and from the following Q&A we would like young people to reflect on how far LGBT rights have changed since 1984 and what they care about in their own community. Is there anything they feel passionate about changing in society? How can they participate and make their voices heard?

We would ask that all young people come with at least one prepared question relating to either the film or political processes within the UK.

Please see below Education Scotland’s Political Literacy page for further information on how to develop political literacy within class:


For a look at what’s ahead and to encourage discussion, here is the Pride trailer:


Please note that Pride is a 15 certificate.

If you have any questions about this event please contact katie.hamilton@intofilm.org or jo.spence@intofilm.org





Apr 162015

Thales Mars balloonMARSBalloon is a free project open to all UK schools that launches student Mars science experiments on high altitude balloons 30km up into Earth’s atmosphere.

At this altitude the conditions of gas pressure, temperature and radiation are very similar to the surface of Mars; making it an ideal testing ground for trying out anything that humans or robots might be doing on Mars in the future.

Teachers can register now for our next flight where we plan to launch up to 100 student experiments; each of which should fit into a kinder egg toy capsule. After the flight the experiment capsules will be returned to the schools for analysis by the students.

This project can be run within a variety of STEM subject lessons or after school clubs and taking part will help your students to:

learn more about the environment of Mars and its future exploration

work as a group to formulate, design, build and analyse the results of a real Mars science experiment

consider careers in UK space and other STEM industries.
This project is run by space engineers from Thales Alenia Space UK and funded by Thales UK for the purpose of engaging more students into high tech engineering and ground-breaking science.

There is no cost to take part in the project other than that of experiment materials and postage. Teachers can find out more and register their class or club for free at www.marsballoon.com

To see footage of the previous launch click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvBxVCYyaXk



Apr 152015

Aspiring young Scottish musicians are being urged to register for a new two-day event at The Arches, Glasgow this summer, which will give them the opportunity to perform for leading industry experts and gain a unique insight into how to get ahead in the music business.Logo-Master-RGB-300pxH-290410

Hosted by Music for Youth and Education Scotland, Exchange takes place from 12 – 13 June 2015 and will give budding artists aged 21 and under the chance to perform their chosen genre of music on one of three live music stages and receive feedback from industry gurus.

The programme also features talks from inspirational speakers such as Stevie Wonder’s manager Keith Harris, music industry panels, a careers marketplace and performance workshops.

Exchange will explore the breadth of career options within the music industry in Scotland and further afield.  It will highlight progression pathways between school and employment through the sharing of professionals from the music industry’s own journeys.  The event will also support teachers and those working with young people to be better informed about career options and pathways for young people.  The event will highlight the need for developing key skills essential for a career in the Creative Industries for Music.

Those wishing to perform at the event must register and submit their application along with two tracks they can upload online at www.mfy.org.uk/exchange by 29 April 2015. Event registrations for other attendees closes on 20th May 2015.The event is open to young people, those who work with them including teachers, and parents and carers.

Commenting on Exchange, Judith Webster, Chief Executive, Music for Youth said, “Exchange is the unmissable event for anyone passionate about music – whether you are a young person, work with young people or the parent of a rising star – this is a fantastic opportunity to hear from leading professionals on how to progress a career in the music business.

We would urge musicians from all genres to sign up now and secure your place on what promises to be one of the most exciting and talked about career events taking place in Scotland this year.”

Keith Murphy, Expressive Arts Development Officer at Education Scotland added, “This event gives young people a unique opportunity to come together, share ideas, learn new skills and hear from experts working in the music industry.   With such a fantastic programme of speakers, workshops and sessions taking place over two days, Exchange really is the event for young people who are interested in a career in the music business.”

For more information about the event and to register to perform or attend, visit: www.mfy.org.uk/exchange.

For all press enquiries, contact Jennifer Barratt or Laurie Garlington, Music for Youth on 020 7759 1839 or email marketing@mfy.org.uk.

Apr 082015


biochemical society




Gopher Science Labs was created and developed by the Society of Biology in collaboration with the Biochemical Society.

Gopher Science Labs activities are designed to ease pupils’ transition from primary to secondary education.

The Labs use simple hands-on science activities designed to facilitate learning by primary aged children. Simple household items, familiar analogies, simple language and fun are used to encourage children’s natural curiosity to find out how and why everyday things work.

Secondary schools can run Gopher Science Labs days with their associated primary schools. Secondary students are trained to become demonstrators and later deliver to and discuss the activities with primary pupils on transition days.

Primary pupils who attended the Lab day are encouraged to deliver their own training to pupils in their class or from younger year groups, so they too can develop their understanding and communication skills.

Update: Small grants available

A small grants scheme is now open for UK schools which can apply for funding to enable them to run either a Gopher Science Labs day event or a Gopher Science Labs day event followed by a training session for teachers from other schools to help share experience gained during the school’s lab day.

The deadline to apply for a grant is 25th May 2015.

Grant application forms

To apply for a grant to run a Gopher Science Labs day followed by a CPD training session please download the application form and return it by email as described on the form

Please return the completed word document with the school’s name added into the file name.

To apply for a grant to run a Gopher Science Labs day (only) please download the application form and return it by email as described on the form. Please return the completed word document with the school’s name added into the file name.

Finding other schools to participate

Schools in the UK which sign up are now able to contact each other to arrange their own lab days via an new online database.

 You can now register your school online and search for other schools to host, or be guests, at a lab day, you may download instructions to help you register

 Lab day resources

You can also download details of how to run a Gopher Science Lab day, with certificates for demonstrators, level one students, level two students, a kit list for the practicals and the Stroop test card described in the teacher booklet, which you can download from the link below.

The teacher resource booklet part 1 and part 2

For more information please contact Amanda Hardy


Apr 072015

science networkThe ENTHUSE Partnership Awards are a grant of £12,000 for groups of between four and eight primary schools wishing to work together to address local issues of underachievement in science/STEM subjects.

The ENTHUSE Partnership Award aims to support collaborative activities over two years to develop and strengthen local partnerships which can subsequently continue independently.

New schools wishing to apply to become an ENTHUSE Partnership, which will commence in September 2015 should show an expression of interest.

To receive an expression of interest form for completion, please email award-entry@slcs.ac.uk. Completed expression of interest forms need to be received by 4pm,Thursday 30 April 2015. Initial expressions of interest need to be submitted toaward-entry@slcs.ac.uk for the attention of Eleanor Malcolmson.

For full details please visit: www.slcs.ac.uk/consortia/national/enthuse-partnership-awards/

Mar 312015

Stirling HS John Muir Award Group Survey image 1 (2)The ‘Our Environment Competition’ is a great way of engaging young people with their local environment and conservation issues.

Children identify and collect information about an issue in their local environment, collate the information and propose a solution.

Submit your entry as a presentation, poster, leaflet, video or photo storyboard – or maybe you can think of another creative way.

Have you already been working on an environmental project? You can use what you have found out and produced for this competition!

The winning entry will get £1000!

Find out more here.


After much interest the closing date has been extended to Friday April 10th