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NNM – Transition – pre-school to primary and P7-S1

Small - Module 17Join the team at Education Scotland on Thursday 18th February at 4pm for a discussion about transition – pre-school to primary and P7-S1.

The aims of this session are to:
• Understand why transition is important
• Highlight effective practice at various transition stages
• Explore this effective practice and consider the impact for learners.

The session is most relevant for practitioners teaching pupils aged 3-18.

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Prince’s Trust Future Starts in Hospitality


The Prince’s Trust is currently piloting a programme called Future Starts. These are taster days for S4 and S5 students to explore potential careers in an actual workplace. These industries include Hospitality, Retail, Automotive, Technologies, Construction, Sport, Hair & Beauty and Childcare.

The Future Starts pilot is partially funded by the Wood Foundation and partly by the Scottish Government. The programme began in 2015 and is funded for two years through June 2017. The East programmes include Dundee, Fife and Edinburgh. The West programmes include Glasgow and North Lanarkshire.

Future StarsFuture Starts is aimed at students in the Senior Phase who are at risk of becoming disengaged.  Students sign up for at least three taster days. The tasters run up to Easter. Then from Easter to summer, students will have a work placement. The length of the placement varies, but the minimum is six days. Most students are not doing National 5 exams and plan to be early school leavers.

As part of the programme, students can complete an Prince’s Trust qualification with their school. The unit is called “Personal Development and Employability”. This can be at Levels 3, 4 and 5. The unit includes: skills identification, career planning, preparation for work placement, review of work placement, CV writing, interview skills and help with job applications.

Future Starts is being externally evaluated by a consultant. The evaluation includes determining why students choose to stay at school, why they chose to leave school, progression after work placements, and feedback from employers/teachers/students. An interim report was published in January 2016. The final report will be published in September 2016.

On February 4, 2016, a group of 20 students from Edinburgh attended a Hospitality taster day at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel on Bread Street. 10 girls and 10 boys attended from schools including: Holyrood, Portobello, Liberton, Firhill, Craigmount and Woodlands. Organising the day were:

James Hopgood, Future Starts Programme Executive

Katie Stewart, Future Starts Manager

Clare Sowney, Princes Trust Business Development Manager

Alain Marzolff, Deputy Manager of the Double Tree Hilton Hotel

The programme for the day included an introduction from the hotel Deputy Manager during which he showed the students two videos on the Hilton staff, their roles and Hospitality, and the history of the Hilton chain started by Conrad Hilton. After this, the students divided into smaller groups and tried the various areas and jobs: kitchen, front of house, housekeeping, accounting, restaurant and events management.

NNM – Challenging more able learners

Small - Module 15Join the team at Education Scotland on Thursday 11th February at 4pm to discuss challenging more able learners in Numeracy and Mathematics.

The aims of this session are to:
• Increase understanding of the meaning of ‘more able learners’
• Explore ways to identify ‘more able learners’
• Look at different ways of making sure more able learners are challenged in the most appropriate ways, within the context of numeracy and mathematics.

The session is most relevant for practitioners teaching pupils aged 3-18.

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Young Heritage Apprenticeship- Princes Foundation

YHA 2016-17 A5 Leaflet

25th July 2016- 14th July 2017

This 12 month course will provide 16-18 year olds with training and practical experience in traditional building crafts and the opportunity to gain a heritage building skills related NVQ2. Young Heritage Apprentices will have the opportunity:

  • To be exposed to a number of craft skills
  • Specialise in either stonemasonry, plastering, carpentry, roofing and landcrafts
  • Learn a trade alongside master craftspeople, and work on new building schemes and conservation projects

This programme provides an invaluable opportunity for participants to gain skils and knowledge necessary to begin a career in an exciting sector with plenty of jobs. The course is free and all participants will be paid a bursary.

To find out more visit the Princes Foundation website or contact Lauren Banks on 020 7613 8582 or at

NNM – Developing Number Knowledge – 1

Small- Module 16 Session 1Join the team at Education Scotland on Tuesday 16th February at 4pm for the first session of Module 16 – Developing Number Knowledge – Rationale and Overarching Theory; why change approach?

The aims of this session are to:
• Reflect on the reasons for changing teaching and learning pedagogy in numeracy and mathematics
• Highlight the key research, theory and guiding principles underpinning the learning and teaching of numeracy
• Explore the term ‘Mathematisation’ and its main themes
• Discuss the Guiding Principles of quality learning and teaching of numeracy.

The session is most relevant for practitioners teaching pupils in Early Years, Primary and Secondary.

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NNM – Progression in fractions, decimal fractions and %

Small- Module 13 Session 2Join the team at Education Scotland for the second session of Module 13 on Tuesday 2nd February at 4pm.

This session will look at progression in fractions, decimal fractions and percentages. Ensuring conceptual understanding.

Using background analysis from the SSLN the aims of this session are:
• (Building on session 1) Further explore progression in fractions, decimal fractions and percentages • Highlight areas of strength and development needs in fractions, decimal fractions and percentages
• Look at the Professional Learning Resources to support practitioners.
• Explore recent exemplification from the National Numeracy Progression Framework.

The session is most relevant for practitioners teaching secondary pupils.

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Winter Leavers’ Conference – North Lanarkshire

NLC W leaver confThis event took place from 23rd to 26th November 2015 at 101 Park Street, New College Lanarkshire and was aimed at S4-S6 pupils from all 23 secondary schools who are Christmas leavers in December 2015 or who are in their Senior Phase of Learning and looking to obtain a positive leaving destination but unsure of what direction to take.

The aim of the conference

Schools were invited to send along a maximum of five young people who fell into this category and during the course of the four days the young people were exposed to a broad range of learning and employability experiences outwith the norm of the school environment. The aim and focus was to ensure young people felt valued and invested in, whilst giving them vital and current knowledge of the local labour market from partner agencies and current employers. The format varied with some sessions delivered as a conference, and others through workshops or taster sessions. Young people engaged both formally and informally with partner organisations and employers to gain more information for themselves and developing skills for life and work in the process.

Partners involved:

LAGTA (Employer),  Amey (Employer),  Mears (Employer),  CMS Windows (Employer),  Voluntary Action NL,  CLD – Activity Agreements,  Skills Development Scotland,  Street League,  The Prince’s Trust,  SkillForce,  Regeneration Services,  Routes to Work, Citizens Advice,  New College Lanarkshire;

Schools involved:

Airdrie Academy,  Bellshill HS,  Braidhurs HS,  Caldervale HS,  Chryston HS,  Clyde Valley HS,  Coatbridge HS,  Cumbernauld Academy,  Greenfaulds HS,  Kilsyth Academy,  Our Lady’s HS (Motherwell),  St Aidan’s HS,  St Ambrose HS,  St Andrew’s HS,  Taylor HS;

Find out more about this event in the  Winter Leavers’ Conference Nov 2015 report.




DESMOS Support for Practitioners

Desmos is a graphing calculator which millions of students around the world use for free.   Desmos also create activities on top of that calculator, helping students use a powerful tool to experience all the curiosity, beauty, and sense that math has to offer. Those activities were used so often by so many teachers around the world they created an Activity Builder, helping every teacher create digital math activities that equal and exceed the activities they create themselves.

Using this activity builder the National Mathematics Development Group has created online support for the SQA National Qualifications.

Please log on to GLOW and visit our blog which has handy hints and tips for practitioners alongside activities linked to the SQA Assessment Standards for National 5 , Higher and Advanced Higher Mathematics.

Generations Working Together National Conference 2nd March



Generations Working Together is delighted to announce the programme for their  National Conference on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 in the new Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, 99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD. Further information and registration can be found on the following link:

Generations Working Together launches Recognition Awards 2016
The awards celebrate and recognise the outstanding talent, commitment and inspirational involvement of workers, volunteers and groups who promote Intergenerational activities. This year there are six categories:

  1. New intergenerational project (Less than 12months)
  2. Established intergenerational project (Greater than 1 year)
  3. Yvonne Coull, Local Network Coordinators Award
  4. Young person contributing to intergenerational work
  5.  Older person contributing to intergenerational work
  6. Building successful partnerships through intergenerational work

More info here

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING nominations is 5pm on FRIDAY 5th February 2016.

Technologies at Work – Real life, Real Time

27 January 2016- 2:30pm

In March last year Education Scotland published ‘Building Society: Young people’s experiences and outcomes in the technologies’.   This impact review recognised how important this area of the curriculum is in preparing young people for the world of work. Technologies at work is a series of Glow meets that will allow young people to interact with people who have made a career through working in a range of different industries.

Each month we will record and share links to interview/conversations with real people working in technology related industries. These films will be there for you to watch in the ‘Watch Again’ area of Glow TV/broadcasting. You can watch these at a time and place that is appropriate for you and your learners. You will then be able to login at a later date (which will normally be between 2 and 4 weeks after the recordings have gone live on Watch Again)for a live glow TV session where you and your learners can ask the interviewee any questions.

Join the team at Education Scotland for what should be an interesting and informative discussion with Dr Pamela Anderson who works in the aero-space industry in Glasgow. Pamela has already recorded some background information and this is available at

It is anticipated that the Glow Meet session will build on what has already been recorded and will focus on

  • Career pathways
  • The importance of technologies in the workplace
  • Scotland and the aero-space industry

The session will be relevant for practitioners and young people working in the senior phase. Please sign up for the Glow Meet by following the link below.