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Get Energised: Renewable Energy in Scotland

Small - Get EnergisedJoin the National Museum of Scotland on Wednesday 23rd March at 4pm to investigate Scotland’s future energy needs, focusing on renewable energy.

This session is suitable for teachers in upper primary and lower secondary. Through interactive and hands-on activities we will offer some ideas for the classroom and link to topical science with information about renewable energy in Scotland.

You will also hear about opportunities to visit National Museums Scotland with a class as part of the Get Energised programme.

Sign up and join us live in Glow TV – Get Energised: Renewable Energy in Scotland

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

Into Civil Engineering: Grants for Students

ICEThe Institution of Civil Engineers is offering young people interested in studying civil engineering the opportunity to apply for funding.  The offer is available for school leavers aged between 18 – 25 living in Scotland.

For more information  access the IntoCivilEngineeringflyer.  Download the into-civil-engineering-scholarship-application here.

Careers Hive LIVE!

Small- Careers HiveCareers Hive, an innovative careers event for S1-S3 pupils hopes to encourage young learners to keep studying science and technology subjects at secondary school. At its core, Careers Hive hopes to inspire the young people attending to consider keeping Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects in their course choices to leave the door open to them, eventually playing a part in the burgeoning and exciting science, tech and innovation sectors.

Join us live through Glow TV from the Careers Hive to have an opportunity to speak to Jules Howard, a zoologist, writer, blogger and broadcaster. He writes on a host of topics relating to zoology and wildlife conservation, and appears regularly in BBC Wildlife Magazine and on radio and TV, including on BBC’s The One Show.

Also Andrew Tibbles who works as Studio mentor for MAKLab. Founded in 2012, MAKLab is a network of creative spaces that provides people with access to the latest disruptive technologies. They deliver teaching workshops, community outreach programmes, professional development and accredited learning for a wide demographic across Scotland.

Finally Alexandra Constantinou who works as an Engineering apprentice for Siemens – the largest engineering company in Europe. Get an opportunity to ask YOUR questions!

Sign up and join us on Tuesday 1st March at 2pm – Careers Hive LIVE!

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

Women in Engineering event: 10 March @ City of Glasgow College

Senior2 PWP_0752This one day event is aimed at ge S2 – S6 girls interested in a STEM career and combines presentations from inspirational female engineers with practical sessions in the Colleges new state-of-the-art engineering campus. Participants will be able to:

  • Practice electronics on our award winning city bytes circuit boards
  • Experience Mechanical and Electrical Engineering training
  • Visit our industry standard Nautical Ship Simulator and Ships Control and Engine Room
  • Speak to professionals and current students about becoming a female engineer.

The event is free to attend and is being held on the 10th March 2016 at City of Glasgow College, Riverside Campus, 21 Thistle Street, G5 9XB.

To sign up for this event simply visit or email

A Manufacturing Future in Scotland

ManufacturingThis Action Plan sets out the course of ambitions, opportunities and challenges for the manufacturing industry in Scotland.  It refers to anticipated skills demands in particular around STEM subjects as well as the challenge faced to address the underrepresentation of women in this sector. In this context reference is  made to the Career Education and Work Placements Standard as well as the guidance  School/Employer Partnerships (see page 10).

The Primary Engineer initiative is highlighted as supporting the STEM agenda in education (see page 22) and the impact this has on learners for example in East Ayrshire.

Access the full report here:   A manufacturing future for Scotland


BT Apprenticeships

This year BT TSO (Technology Service and Operations) are hiring logoapprentices in your area. These are advanced apprenticeships meaning that successful applicants will receive fully funded training during their apprenticeship leading to a professional qualification in their chosen programme.

Students can apply here:

Read through the information on the page and the links on the left and then apply.

Entry requirements: Four Standard Grades – grades A –C including Maths and English


Live webcast: Equalities and Inclusion, New date/time: 4 Feb @ 1pm

When is it?  Thursday, 4 February, 1 – 2 pmRoadmap

Who is this for?  Teachers,  employers, parents/carers and anyone one else interested or involved  in the development of  equalities and inclusion agenda, particularly around career education from 3 -18.

Where?  Live on Glow TV

Sign up here:

About the Glow Meet:

This interactive session will  bring you key information about the latest developments of the area of Developing the Young Workforce.

You will hear from Charlotte Govan, project officer for Improving Gender Balance with a particular focus on STEM career pathways. She will share some of the latest facts and initiatives with you on how to embed careers and contexts in your teaching to promote gender balance.

The session will also provide an overview of the ‘Modern Apprenticeships for All’ programme delivered by Oumar Akram from BEMIS as well as information on wider employability issues relating to ethnic and cultural minority communities.

Time will be set aside for you to ask questions about the presentations as well as the wider Developing the Young Workforce agenda.

Hope you can tune in and join us.

Professional Recognition: Engineering STEM Learning


Professional Recognition is a means for teachers in Scotland to engage with Professional Enquiry at a master’s level in pedagogical or subject specific areas. Our year-long programme will allow teachers to gain Professional Recognition in an area of expertise which is accredited by Primary Engineer and moderated by the GTCS (General Teaching Council for Scotland). The programme is funded by Skills Development Scotland.

If you have taken part in a Primary Engineer training day you can undertake the Professional Rcognition for free. If you would like to find out more about the programme click on the link below.

 Professional Recognition

DESMOS Support for Practitioners

Desmos is a graphing calculator which millions of students around the world use for free.   Desmos also create activities on top of that calculator, helping students use a powerful tool to experience all the curiosity, beauty, and sense that math has to offer. Those activities were used so often by so many teachers around the world they created an Activity Builder, helping every teacher create digital math activities that equal and exceed the activities they create themselves.

Using this activity builder the National Mathematics Development Group has created online support for the SQA National Qualifications.

Please log on to GLOW and visit our blog which has handy hints and tips for practitioners alongside activities linked to the SQA Assessment Standards for National 5 , Higher and Advanced Higher Mathematics.

Technologies at Work – Real life, Real Time

27 January 2016- 2:30pm

In March last year Education Scotland published ‘Building Society: Young people’s experiences and outcomes in the technologies’.   This impact review recognised how important this area of the curriculum is in preparing young people for the world of work. Technologies at work is a series of Glow meets that will allow young people to interact with people who have made a career through working in a range of different industries.

Each month we will record and share links to interview/conversations with real people working in technology related industries. These films will be there for you to watch in the ‘Watch Again’ area of Glow TV/broadcasting. You can watch these at a time and place that is appropriate for you and your learners. You will then be able to login at a later date (which will normally be between 2 and 4 weeks after the recordings have gone live on Watch Again)for a live glow TV session where you and your learners can ask the interviewee any questions.

Join the team at Education Scotland for what should be an interesting and informative discussion with Dr Pamela Anderson who works in the aero-space industry in Glasgow. Pamela has already recorded some background information and this is available at

It is anticipated that the Glow Meet session will build on what has already been recorded and will focus on

  • Career pathways
  • The importance of technologies in the workplace
  • Scotland and the aero-space industry

The session will be relevant for practitioners and young people working in the senior phase. Please sign up for the Glow Meet by following the link below.