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Superhero Science at the Museum!

Small - NMS SuperheroesJoin Enablers from the National Museum of Scotland on Wednesday 28th October at 1.45pm to hear about our new science and technology galleries opening in summer 2016. Your class can also see some super scienficic experiments, plus they’ll be able to join in a superhero challenge in class!

Sign up and register in Glow TV – Superhero Science at the Museum!

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

Air Quality professional learning session: 25th November

Sources-of-air-pollution_310314Twilight session for Glasgow secondary teachers, and P7 working towards transition, looking at new approaches to teaching Air Quality. Three short workshops will cover different ways of getting pupils involved in real science research, learning about pollution and Air Quality in a way that is meaningful for pupils and produces useful scientific data along the way. The event will cover a diverse range of topics from Outdoor Learning, to data analysis and a wealth of available resources to use with your pupils. Come along and find out how you and your pupils can get involved in Air Quality research at your school.


Lichen bio-indicator of air quality: Find out how to identify some of the lichen bio-indicators of air quality to get a measure of air pollution in your local environment. This survey is one of the Open Air Laboratories citizen science surveys that enable pupils to carry out real science research in their local environment. OPAL Community Scientist Joanne Dempster

Scotland’s Environment Web: Exploring existing air quality data to investigate air quality near you. Education Scotland Citizen Science Development Officer Stuart McGrath.

Clear the Air: An educational resource for secondary school pupils to learn about air pollution and how it is measured in their area by finding out about the Clear the Air Citizen Science project.Ricardo Energy and Environment: Ricardo Energy and Environment, Susannah Telfer and Jennifer Simpson.

Places are limited so please register here.

Atkins Engineering Series : Real STEM Careers

Small - AtkinsJoin us on Thursday 1st October at 9.30am in Glow TV to find out a STEM career.

Hear from James Brewster of Atkins Engineering about his own STEM career and how that might help you in a similar career. James is an engineer in oil and gas and you can find out what he likes about his career and what made him want to get in to it as well as what he studied at school to help him achieve his goal. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask lots of questions during the session and James is looking forward to answering them all for you!

Register now to take part live on the day – Atkins Engineering Series : Real STEM Careers

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

STEM at the Scottish Learning Festival

The Scottish Learning Festival (SLF) is the key education event in Scotland welcoming thousands of educational professionals.

SLF 2015 takes place on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 September in the SECC, Glasgow.

Below are a list of seminars focusing on science and STEM that may be of interest.

The Education Scotland teams will be on hand at the main stand to discuss STEM and answer any of your questions on Wednesday at 3:00 – 3:30pm and Thursday at 1:30 – 2:00pm.


Wednesday 23 September – 09.30

Highland Primary Science Framework

Peter Finlayson, Highland Council




Wednesday 23 September – 12.30

Delivering the CfE Science Es & Os through Practical Investigations

Philip McGhee, North Lanarkshire Council




Wednesday 23 September – 13.45

Increasing achievement in science education: Learning lessons from Finland and Estonia

Neil McIntyre, Webster’s High School




Wednesday 23 September – 16.15

Learning for Sustainability: National Progress, Local Success

Ian Menzies, Education Scotland




Thursday 24 September – 10.45

STEM in the Early Years

Jennifer Allan, Pine Trees Nursery



Developing the Young Workforce: preparation for employment in

STEM and engineering sectors

Ian Beach, Education Scotland




Thursday 24 September – 13.15

Air Quality Learning and Teaching Package

Ben Jackson, Scottish Environment Protection Agency





Thursday 24 September – 12.00

Get outside and Get Learning!

Want to get outside and start finding out about the environment around you? These brand new professional learning videos from Scotland’s Environment are a great place to start. With information for practitioners and learners, they provide a step-by-step guide on how to measure soil pH, look for invertebrates in your local pond, sample small mammal populations and more!

sample 1

They are all part of an exciting new resource available from Scotland’s Environment website: Get Learning. The home of environmental data and information about Scotland for learning and teaching.

sample 2


Always dreamed of being a fossil hunter? Now’s your chance!

Always dreamed of being a fossil hunter? Now’s your chance – and you don’t have to leave home.

A citizen science project called FossilFinder is asking volunteers to look through high-resolution photos of the Turkana basin in Kenya taken from drones and kites, with the hope that they will spot newly exposed fossils before they erode away.

The team at Zooniverse ask you to help them document what is seen on surface images, including fossil fragments and other artifacts, to assist them in reconstructing past landscapes and environments. More eyes, more information, more discoveries.

Bee Diverse

The Bee Diverse campaign, from Keep Scotland Beautiful, encourages and enables communities, groups, organisations, individuals (or anyone interested) to plant for pollinators, and to encourage biodiversity. With the aim of creating healthy outdoor spaces for communities to enjoy and enabling people to learn more about biodiversity, this campaign also reconnects people with their environment.

By registering your interest, you will be able to apply for seed mixes crafted especially for our pollinator pals, as well as resources that will give you some of the know-how about biodiversity, pollinators, and how to maintain and benefit from your new biodiverse space!

New videos for Science

NLSC logo




The National STEM Centre have just added six great film clips to the eLibrary, covering areas of the curriculum such as electricity generation, electromagnetism and the physics of car crashes.

The film clips in this collection were produced by Pumpkin Interactive, whose aim is to provide case studies of real life applications to illustrate some of the more complex scientific concepts and theories. Themes covered include: forces and motion, waves and imaging and electricity generation, transmission and distribution

Nine things that shape your identity before birth



The making of you

Your story didn’t begin when you were born.

Before you took your first breath, your appearance and much of your ‘instinctive’ behaviour had already been formed. Exactly how you spent the nine months developing from a microscopic cell to a human baby helped make you who you are today.

Find out more at BBC iWonder Nine things that shape your identity before birth timeline. Created to support the BBC 2 programme Countdown to life, featuring broadcaster Michael Moseley. The series also has accompanying OU support materials including the poster Nine months that made you.

Science, Technology and Maths e-bulletin September 2015

asdWelcome to our e-bulletin for sciences, technologies, engineering and maths (STEM).


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  • Add the new SSERC tile to your Launchpad in Glow
  • Register for the sciences cross-authority writing group events 2015-16
  • STEM at the Scottish Learning Festival – enjoy our STEM programme
  • Food chain professional learning event – Thurs 17th Sept
  • Professional learning videos for vibrations and waves now live
  • Get learning section of Scotland’s Environment website now live – see data about climate change, water, rivers and more
  • Want your primary school learners to talk about science? Try these videos from RSC




Numeracy and mathematics


Did you know…….?

Scottish science festivals set to share £239k of funding


Professional learning

Creating a smarter Scotland – A draft National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education


Video Inspiration

Have you got Rugby World Cup fever yet? Watch the science behind the rugby tackle


We’ve got loads more news to share! See our STEM blog for the latest updates.