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Tae an Toast and a Blether in Scots

Tae and Toast 9Kirtonholme Primary School in South Lanarkshire hosted the first event of this kind this morning. A packed room full of faimlie and freens was treated to weans sharing their learning about both the First and Second World Wars. Pupils from Mrs McLaughlin’s P4/5 and Mr Constable’s P5/6 read, recited, acted and sang in English, Scots and even a little German. Scots is an integral part of the learning in the school – within literacy and beyond. The pleasure and engagement on the faces of everyone involved was plain to see.

Invited guests gave donations to Poppy Scotland in exchange for tea, toast, entertainment and a guid blether. Learners themselves explained the work of the charity with a clarity which was praised by Stephen Shires of Poppy Scotland.

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Thanks to Poppy Scotland for this picture.


New Resources in the Scots Blether

The following new resources can be found at The Blether:

Susan Rennie’s Scots Books for Bairns: text of Sweetieraptors and Animal ABC

Romans Scots resource list

May resource folder

Space Scots resource list

Stars and wishes stickers – not Doric

100 Key Scots words

  • Orkney
  • Doric
  • Shetland
  • West Central

We have 80 freens – why nae jyne us?



SQA Scots Language Awards CLPL in South Lanarkshire

On Wednesday 6th May 2015 twelve secondary teachers from South Lanarkshire’s 17 secondary schools attended a gloamin training event on the new Scots Language Awards. Marylin Waters and Malcom Wilson of the SQA gave information on the background and explored the format of the Awards themselves. There were workshops on the UASPs and on some of the exemplification materials generated by this year’s first-ever cohort. Diane Anderson, Scots Language Co-ordinator at Education Scotland, looked at different possible models for incorporating the Award into schools.

It was a very useful event, the first that the SQA has been asked to run on these new Awards. Judging by the enthusiasm in South Lanarkshire, it will not be the last.timer

Thochts on Scots

Liff Primary Schuil in Angus markit Scots Literacy Wik nae lang syne. The bairns aw hid lessons in Scots an a wheen o ither guid activities. At the eyne o the wik, the aulder bairns performit in Scots tae the wee anes. Goldilocks and Sheena Blackhall’s story “The Punnie” featurit.

The maist interestin pairt o it aw, fir me, wisnae that the bairns hid sae muckle fun: we hiv lang kent fit plissure Scots can gie bairns, even them that dinnae hae Scots ava. A wis maist taen wi the fact that dozes o the bairns said they wid hiv likit tae hiv acted oot James Bond or Annie, Frozen or Maleficent. These bairns see the relevance o Scots. They wis askin fir their favourites inno their ain leid.

Fitan eese it wid be if there wis Scots versions o modren, contemporary films, as weel as buiks!