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Leadership Award: Gaelic Education, 11 and 12 November 2016

There are a few places available on this Leadership Award for practitioners of Gaelic Medium Education (GME). This is a professional learning opportunity which is tailored to GME and delivered through the medium of Gaelic.  It is organised by Social Enterprise Academy and Education Scotland, with accreditation by the Institute of Leadership and Management.  This award is endorsed by the Scottish College of Educational Leadership (SCEL).

If you wish to apply for this award or require more information, please contact Education Scotland and Social Enterprise Academy acknowledge financial assistance from Bòrd na Gàidhlig towards the costs of running this award.


New literary magazine for Gaelic

STEALL is a new bi-annual Gaelic literary magazine. The first issue  will be published on 27th October and will include:

  • Reviews of new books
  • Short stories by Alasdair Campbell, Meg Bateman and others
  • The first chapter of Tim Armstrong’s new novel, the sequel to Air Cuan Dubh Drilseach
  • New poetry from Peter Mackay and Deborah Moffatt
  • Translations of the poetry of Biddy Jenkinson, one of the best poets writing in Irish Gaelic
  • A new song by Robbie Andrew MacLeod
  • An article on Gairm and Derick Thomson

The first issue can be pre-ordered online through Clàr and The Gaelic Books Council. For more information, see and or follow @steallmag.

’S e iris litreachais ùr a th’ ann an STEALL, a bhios a’ nochdadh a h-uile sia mìosan. Anns a’ chiad iris, a thèid a chur air bhog air 27 an Dàmhair, gheibh sibh:

  • Sgrùdadh air leabhraichean ùra
  • Sgeulachdan goirid le Alasdair Caimbeul, Meg Bateman is eile
  • A’ chiad chaibideil de nobhail ùr le Tim Armstrong, a tha a’ togail air Air Cuan Dubh Drilseach
  • Bàrdachd ùr bho Phàdraig MacAoidh is Deborah Moffatt
  • Tionndaidhean air bàrdachd Biddy Jenkinson, tè de na bàird as fheàrr a tha a’ sgrìobhadh ann an Gàidhlig na h-Èireann
  • Òran ùr le Robbie Anndra MacLeòid
  • Aiste air Gairm agus Ruaraidh MacThòmhais

Gabhaidh a’ chiad iris òrdachadh ro-làimhe air-loidhne bho Chlàr agus Comhairle nan Leabhraichean. Airson tuilleadh fios, faic agus, no lean @steallmag

Gaelic Writing

small-gaelic-book-councilEducation Scotland, in partnership with Comhairle nan Leabhraichean, invites you to join a Gaelic Writing Glow TV session with Gaelic author and actor Catriona Lexy Campbell on Wednesday 5th October.

During this session Catriona Lexy will; describe how she has developed her career in Gaelic writing, discuss ways in which practitioners can inspire children and young people to write in Gaelic, suggest ways in which practitioners can further develop Gaelic writing skills, linking to CfE Es and Os.

This session will be of particular interest to practitioners at the upper primary and secondary stages. This session will be delivered through the medium of Gaelic and will last approximately 45 minutes.

Sign up now to join us live in Glow TV – Gaelic Writing.

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

Assessing progress and achievement

Tha am frèam-obrach adhartais, Litearras agus Gàidhlig:  A’ Measadh adhartas agus coileanadh nis ri fhaighinn ann an Gàidhlig. Tha e ri fhaighinn an seo.

The Literacy and Gàidhlig: Assessing progress and achievement progression framework is now available through the medium of Gaelic.  It is intended to support practitioners as they consider the evidence of knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities provided by learners as they progress through and achieve a level in Listening and Talking, Reading and Writing in Literacy and Gàidhlig.