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New resources for National Qualifications, GME: Geography, Science and Social Studies

Translations of the following resources are now available:

Geography – Support for Global Issues: National 5

Science – Sustainable Lifestyles: National 2

 Social Studies – Making a Contrast: Natural Disasters: National 2

 Social Studies – Making a Decision: Weather: National 2




Education Scotland has developed the St Andrew’s Day Challenge to encourage schools to take part in a variety of learning opportunities about Scotland by using the country’s national day on 30 November as a background for learning. Scots flag

The St Andrew’s Day Challenge, which was created by Education Scotland’s Scots Languages Co-ordinators, provides schools with a number of different activities to capitalise on learners’ curiosity about their country, to deepen their learning about Scottish culture and history in subjects such as Expressive Arts, Literacy and Social Studies.

The Scots Language Coordinators have produced a list of seven activities, which are available on the St Andrew’s Day page on the Education Scotland website, for meaningful learning about Scotland. The activities can be incorporated into lessons throughout the month in the run up to the national day on 30 November.

The St Andrew’s Day Challenge includes:
1. Enter a competition to write a biography of Alexander Fleming in Scots;
2. Find out what schools and local place-names in the surrounding community and area Scots or Gaelic names means in English; Teachers are encouraged to learn Gaelic with their pupils, with a host of information on Gaelic language and culture within the new 1+2 languages resources, Go Gaelic!
3. Choose a Scottish song, sign and record the performance by individuals or the whole class;
4. Learn Scottish poetry and recite it in front of an audience;
5. Choose a Scottish picture book and read it to a group of young learners;
6. Ask learners to write a paragraph about themselves in Scots;
7. Ask learners to create their own Oor Wullie comic strip

In addition to the St Andrew’s Day Challenge, Education Scotland is also sponsoring a debate for young people at Scottish Parliament. The St Andrew’s Day Debate sees school pupils teamed with university debaters to take part in a series of debates about various topics throughout the day. The debaters will progress through heats over the course of the day, with the two winning teams facing off in a final at the main chamber of the Parliament that evening.

Alan Armstrong, Education Scotland’s Strategic Director for School Years, said: “What better way to celebrate our country’s national day on 30th November than by encouraging learners to engage and explore Scotland’s rich variety of culture, traditions and history through the St Andrew’s Day Challenge.

“The Challenge provides a range of fun, exciting activities that will deepen and enhance learners’ knowledge of Scotland by using St Andrew’s Day as a rich context for learning that can be used across a host of different curriculum areas including literacy, social studies and expressive arts.”

Further information about the St Andrew’s Day Challenge can be found on the St Andrew’s Day web-page with helpful resources and information also available on the Scots Language Blether on Glow.

Learning resources on SCILT website for Gaelic at the primary stages

SCILT have updated the primary classroom resources hosted on their website for languages which includes Gaelic. These resources are for primary teachers to use in their classrooms and have been developed by SCILT and their partner organisations. Further updates to Spanish and Chinese are to follow  More information

Deasbad Nàiseanta nan Àrd-sgoiltean

Le Deasbad Nàiseanta nan Àrd-sgoiltean 2015 air fàire, tha sgoilearan bho air feadh na dùthcha trang ag ullachadh mu choinneamh an fharpais chliùiteach seo. Tha fichead sgoil bho ochd sgoiltean deug a’ gabhail pàirt ann am farpais na bliadhna seo.

Bidh cùisean a’ tòiseachadh amàireach (3 Samhain) ann am prìomh oifisean na Comhairle agus Diciadain (4mh) anns An Lanntair ann an Steòrnabhagh. Tha beagan de dh’atharrachadh air cruth na farpais am bliadhna seo agus gach sgioba a’ faighinn dà chothrom deasbad thairis an dà là. Tha fàilte chridheil air daoine a thighinn gu seòmar deasbaid na Comhairle ann an Steòrnabhagh airson an deasbaireachd a’ tòiseachadh aig 1f agus a-rithist aig 6.30f.agus a-rithist air an Diciadain far am bidh an dàrna cuairt a’ tòiseachadh san Lanntair aig 10m. agus a-rithist aig 2f. ’S iad na ceithir sgiobaidhean le na comharran is àirde thairis an dà là a thèid troimhe gu na cuairtean deireannach ann an Dùn Èideann. Bidh a’ chuairt dheireannach a’ tighinn thugaibh beò, bho Phàrlamaid na h-Alba, air BBC Radio nan Gàidheal air Diciadain 25 Samhain.

Thuirt Cathraiche Comataidh Rianachd Deasbad Nàiseanta nan Sgoiltean Ghàidhlig, Calum Iain MacLeòid:

“Mholainn do neach sam bith a dhol a dh’ èisteachd ri Deasbad 2015 agus taic a thoirt dhan òigridh. Gach bliadhna tha sinn a’ faicinn deasbadan a tha air leth tarraingeach – a tha na dheagh thaisbeanadh air na sgilean làidir a tha aig sgoilearan ann an conaltradh agus deasbad. Tha mi airson taing mhòr a thoirt do na luchd maoineachaidh againn As aonais an taice sin cha bhiodh e air a bhith comasach dhuinne an tachartas seo a chumail am bliadhna seo.”

Newsletter: Gaelic Medium Education

Comann nam Pàrant, the national organisation that advises and supports parents/carers of those in Gaelic Medium Education (GME), has recently published a newsletter

The newsletter includes information on

  • Education (Scotland) Bill
  • Guidance on Gaelic Education
  • National Parent Forum Conference for Parents
  • Supporting the development of literacy and numeracy with Read Write Count
  • useful information to help parents/carers support their child’s learning.

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Conference: Bilingual Education and Language Revitalisation

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye 29-30 of May 2015

The second Soillse conference, in conjunction with CAER, the Education Society of the European Regions is free for practitioners of Gaelic and Gaelic Medium Education(GME).  Keynote speakers  are Miquel Strubell, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, and Antonella Sorace, University of Edinburgh. For more information, please visit the website.

The Scottish Voice

The Scottish Voice is a computer ‘text-to-speech’ programme to assist with reading electronic books;
PDF files (such as SQA exam papers); worksheets and other documents in Microsoft Word and create audio files using the voice.  This is being developed to assist with Gaelic text.

The new Gaelic voice will be available to schools from The Scottish Voice website for the start of the 2015-16 academic session. This will help learners with additional support needs and also all learners to read websites, documents, or to check and proof-read their own letters or emails.  The voice will be licensed for use by Scottish schools, colleges, universities, local and national government agencies, NHS units and for use at home by pupils and staff.  It is funded by The Scottish Government Gaelic and Scots Unit; Scottish Funding Council; Scottish Qualifications Authority and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Developing the Vision for Gaelic Medium Education

Small - Gaelic EventYou are invited to join us on Monday 2nd March at 3.45pm for a discussion about the strategies that have been adopted by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar to promote Gaelic Medium Education.

The Director of Education and Children’s Services, along with two senior managers from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar will outline what changes they have made and the policies they have implemented which have resulted in a steady increase in the uptake of Gaelic Medium Education across island schools, both at primary and secondary level. The session will include a brief introduction, outlining current developments and the context for Gaelic Medium Education in Eilean Siar. The plans for further development of the recently announced Gaelic schools and the teaching school programme will be shared with those who join the meeting.

Topics to be covered include:
1. CNES support for the development of GME
2. The Vision for Gaelic/GME/GLE in the Western Isles.
3. Promotion of GME to parents.
4. Increasing the capacity for leadership in Gaelic Medium schools.
5. Planning for 1+2 Approach to Languages, using this policy to increase the delivery of Gaelic
6. Gaelic Medium/Gaelic Status schools.

Register to join us live in Glow TV – Developing the Vision for Gaelic Medium Education

Donald Meek Award 2015

The Gaelic Books Council is inviting submissions for the Donald Meek Award 2015 which aims to encourage new and creative writing.   This may be poetry, short stories, novels or drama.   Academic works and research studies written in English related to Gaelic are also invited.

For more information, please contact or Applications must be submitted no later than Friday 3 April 2015.