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Assessing progress and achievement

Tha am frèam-obrach adhartais, Litearras agus Gàidhlig:  A’ Measadh adhartas agus coileanadh nis ri fhaighinn ann an Gàidhlig. Tha e ri fhaighinn an seo.

The Literacy and Gàidhlig: Assessing progress and achievement progression framework is now available through the medium of Gaelic.  It is intended to support practitioners as they consider the evidence of knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities provided by learners as they progress through and achieve a level in Listening and Talking, Reading and Writing in Literacy and Gàidhlig.

Leadership Award: Gaelic Education

Social Enterprise Academy, with support from Education Scotland and Bòrd na Gàidhlig, are delivering an Institute of Leadership and Management Award for teachers of Gaelic Education. The next Leadership Award for Gaelic Education will commence on 11 and 12 November  2016.  If you wish to enrol for this award, or require more information, please contact


Language Learning in Scotland: 1+2 = Gaelic!

Scottish Learning Festival, 4.15pm on Wednesday 21 September. Seminar Room: Boisdale 2

Education Scotland invites you to a seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival on the role of Gaelic in a 1+2 Approach to languages. This session will give you an opportunity to hear of effective practice by a local authority which is increasing the number of young people that are learning Gaelic.  Please register for this seminar at:





Professional Learning for teachers of Gaelic Medium Education (GME)

Streap, the Postgraduate Teaching Certificate for teachers of GME is still recruiting for a 5 September 2016 start. Applications are now invited for a limited number of places. The induction to the course takes place in Glasgow on 15 and 16 September 2016.

This programme is fully funded by the Scottish Government. For more information, please go to:

Stòrlann: Fileanta

These materials are now on the Fileanta website:

  • Fo Sgàil a’ Swastika: This pupil unit has an indepth study of this novel, with teacher material*, listening text and video interview with Bill Innes (who edited the book).
  • Deich san Fhàsach: This pupil unit has an indepth study of ten stories from the book Caogad san Fhàsach, teacher material*. There are 10 stories being read in mp3 format, 6 videos with information about the stories and about the author.
  • Measaidhean Ėisteachd N3, N4 agus N5: 8 listening assessments (mp3 file, questions, answers* for each) at each of the three levels, and covering one of the following subjects: language, culture, the media and literature.

* Please Contact to obtain a password which will allow you access to teacher material/answers for each unit. We plan to keep all the teacher material on one page of our website and the password will allow you to use each resource located there


Stàit Neo-eismeileach Sonais

Small - Gaelic HappinessJoin Ariel Killick, of Stàit Neo-eismeileach Sonais /Independent State of Happiness contemporary Gaelic Arts provider for this session on Wednesday 18th May at 4pm.

Ariel will outline the fun and exciting workshops she can deliver to schools. These include projects such as; Storytelling and Drama, Circus skills, Graffiti Art, Street theatre and Spectacle, which support children with Gaelic language acquisition and development from Nursery to P7. Ariel will also outline how such workshops and projects can fulfil several Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes. This session will last approximately 30 minutes and will be delivered bilingually in Gaelic and English.

Register now to take part live – Stàit Neo-eismeileach Sonais.

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.