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Always dreamed of being a fossil hunter? Now’s your chance!

Always dreamed of being a fossil hunter? Now’s your chance – and you don’t have to leave home.

A citizen science project called FossilFinder is asking volunteers to look through high-resolution photos of the Turkana basin in Kenya taken from drones and kites, with the hope that they will spot newly exposed fossils before they erode away.

The team at Zooniverse ask you to help them document what is seen on surface images, including fossil fragments and other artifacts, to assist them in reconstructing past landscapes and environments. More eyes, more information, more discoveries.

Bee Diverse

The Bee Diverse campaign, from Keep Scotland Beautiful, encourages and enables communities, groups, organisations, individuals (or anyone interested) to plant for pollinators, and to encourage biodiversity. With the aim of creating healthy outdoor spaces for communities to enjoy and enabling people to learn more about biodiversity, this campaign also reconnects people with their environment.

By registering your interest, you will be able to apply for seed mixes crafted especially for our pollinator pals, as well as resources that will give you some of the know-how about biodiversity, pollinators, and how to maintain and benefit from your new biodiverse space!

Science Festival goes to Bute!

Scotland’s science festivals are usually based around a single city or town, but some have a more regional feel. They provide an annual, local focus for activities and events, giving a wide audience the chance to explore and find out more. Many take place in areas that don’t have a local science centre.

This year’s ‘Middle of Scotland Science Festival’ 2015 is visiting the beautiful Isle of Bute on 19 and 20 June.
Science shows and talks in local schools will take place all day Friday with the public events starting at 17:30 at the Isle of Bute Discovery Centre. On Saturday the festival moves to the Rothesay Pavilion with free science fun and activities for all ages.

You can also follow the event on Twitter at @MoSSFest to keep up with all the latest news about the festival.