The Small Steps-Big Changes? Seminar on 27 February 2014, organised jointly by Education Scotland and Learning for Sustainability Scotland attracted over 60 participants from across Scotland interested in how those working in Community Learning and Development and those with sustainable development experience and expertise could work more closely together.

The seminar heard about learning for sustainability through Scottish Government policies, Education Scotland initiatives and local projects.

Aileen Campbell MSP, Minister for Children and Young People set out the policy context for this work. Ms Campbell highlighted the opportunities offered by the Children and Young People’s Bill, the National Youthwork Strategy, the CLD (Scotland) Regulations, the Community Empowerment Bill and the recent Adult Learning Statement of Ambition. She said that ‘Learning for Sustainability is a Scottish Government and international priority for every type of learning’.

Professor Pete Higgins, Professor of Outdoor and Environmental Education at the University of Edinburgh and Director of Learning for Sustainability Scotland said, ‘Through learning together we’ll ensure that people and communities in Scotland have opportunities to understand more about the sustainable development issues that concern them, and to use their learning to help them shape their future as members of a nation that takes these responsibilities and opportunities seriously’.

Learning for sustainability is not just about One Planet schools but also involves the wider community. The links with Curriculum for Excellence and communities were ably illustrated as were empowerment approaches in partnership with Malawi and through community development in Scotland.

The showcase sessions provided eight examples of learning for sustainability in action and stimulated lots of discussion. The presentations and filmed clips of the seminar will be made available through i-develop.

In recent years, a number of Scottish primary schools have developed innovative approaches to enabling child-led outdoor play in morning and lunchtime breaks.

This new training resource has been created with support from Education Scotland to share the learning from these schools. Its aim is to demonstrate how outdoor play in schools can support the curriculum and nurture happy, healthy children and to share practical, tested ideas and approaches to providing richer play experiences in primary schools.

This resource has 11 sections, each of which is based around a short film with accompanying discussion questions and links to useful online resources. It’s designed for anyone who is interested in pupil health and wellbeing but will be of particular relevance to playground support staff. In each film clip you’ll hear from support staff about why they have developed these new approaches and how they deal with the various practical issues that arise.

The films are on the Education Scotland website while further support is available at

Senior Leaders Professional Learning Event – Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle: Friday 20th September 2013

A one day event for head teachers and deputy head teachers, focusing on whole school approaches, inspection and self-evaluation for school managers. Delegates will hear from senior managers, education officers and others with experience of outdoor learning in the context of school improvement.

Staff Professional Learning Weekend – Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle: Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September 2013

This opportunity is aimed at staff from all schools and settings within the partner authorities, and will provide inputs from project and centre staff, from the National Park ranger service, and from Education Scotland staff to support you in embedding Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning in your school or nursery. As well as a variety of ‘sharing good practice’ sessions run by teachers across all sectors.

The weekend will provide staff with practical tools, ideas and inspiration for developing progressive and frequent outdoor learning opportunities for pupils which will support and enrich all aspects of their learning.

Spaces are still available on these programmes for further information contact

Workshops Staff Professional Learning Weekend

Staff CLPL residential weekend 2013 – info for schools

Final Programme Staff PL Weekend

Final Programme School Leaders

The CLD strategic guidance was launched on Monday 11 June on the Engage for Education website. Watch the video blog by Michael Russell, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning.

Throughout the week of the 11th June there was a series of themed blog discussions covering areas such as: the impact of CLD and how the Guidance will support this work, Curriculum for Excellence, community engagement and empowerment, young people’s transitions from school and the implementation phase of the Guidance.

Following the initial launch, further discussion about the Guidance will take place on our Strategic Guidance Blog on Connect.

On Monday 11th June the above guidance was launched on the Engage for Education website.

Michael Russell, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, will kick-off a weeklong event via video blog – make sure you visit the Engage for Education website to join in the discussion.

Throughout the week of the 11th June there will be a series of themed blog discussions covering areas such as: the impact of CLD and how the Guidance will support this work, Curriculum for Excellence, community engagement & empowerment, young people’s transitions from school and the implementation phase of the Guidance

Local Government Minister Derek Mackay will launch a consultation on a proposed bill which will consider ideas to give more control to Scotland’s communities. Responses to the consultation will help shape the proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill.

Ideas being considered include greater community involvement in making decisions on local budgets, helping public sector organisations identify the needs and priorities in an area and target budgets more effectively, an idea first piloted in Brazil and in a number of European cities.

The consultation also includes ideas on making it easier for community organisations to get involved in designing and delivering public services and challenging public authorities if they feel an area of public service delivery is not being run effectively and does not genuinely meet their needs.

The consultation also explores how existing legislation can be better used to let local authority and housing authority tenants take on management of their own housing, and whether existing allotments legislation should be amended to better support communities taking forward grow-your-own projects.

The CLD Standards Council, in partnership with the Scottish Social Enterprise Academy, is offering a free two day Understanding Social Enterprise programme to CLD practitioners who work directly with young people in Scotland. The event will take place in Perth on 20th and 21st June 2012. The programme will introduce the concept of social enterprise, the challenges faced by enterprises and assess the future for this dynamic and emerging business model.This learning programme also offers an opportunity for participants to gain an Institute of Leadership and Management Award in Understanding Social Enterprise qualification (6 credits at SCQF level 8). Participants who wish to opt in for the qualification will be required to complete an assessed written report and to meet an ILM Registration and Qualification Fee of £82.00.

The booking form and programme can be downloaded here

Glasgow, 27-Jun-2012

The reach of Curriculum for Excellence aims to be wider than schools. There is increasing emphasis on it being a lifelong learning curriculum, requiring us to evidence how we can play our part in its implementation.

Learning Link Scotland is working in partnership with Education Scotland Communities Team to run a new one day workshop to help you make links between your work in adult learning/CLD and Curriculum for Excellence. The Workshop will explore:

  • Key features of Curriculum for Excellence
  • What links CfE to your practice in adult learning/CLD
  • Why do you need to engage with CfE?
  • Linking CfE to How Good is Our CLD?

The event is open to voluntary organisations and local authorities. There will only be 20 places available at this event. It costs £20 for members of Learning Link Scotland and £25 for non-members.

Sign up now

Contact: Learning Link Scotland, [ e-mail | website ]

SCDC is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new software package to support participatory, outcome focused planning and evaluation.

LEAP – Learning Evaluation and Planning is a values based approach to planning and evaluating work with communities and is now available as an online software application. The user friendly online version encourages users to ask critical questions about their project or programme, and it is designed to support joint working by allowing access to shared project aims and reports among various partners and stakeholders.

Download the LEAP online flyer for more information.

Contact: SCDC, phone: 0141 248 1924 [ e-mail | website ]

Invitation to Submit Proposals

Over the last two years The SCQFP made funding available to a range of organisations that supported the wider achievement of young people. This resulted in seven programmes being credit rated onto the Framework. Now that these have been allocated an SCQF level and credit points it allows them to be compared with other Scottish qualifications.

This year the SCQFP, with funding from the Scottish Government, would like to start a project to run over three years to enable a number of CLD learning programmes to be credit rated onto the Framework. SCQFP is looking for organisations to submit bids to have their learning programmes credit rated, during this financial year.

In addition, a number of other CLD organisations could be supported to develop their learning programmes into the structure required for credit rating with a view to submitting them in the next stage of this project if funding is continued from Scottish Government during 2013-14.

The Closing date for receipt of submissions is Thursday 21 June 2012.

More information is available here.

Download the CLD Credit Rating Project application form here.

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