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Promoting Youth Employability and Rights Conference

Tuesday 21st February 2012, 09:30—15:30
STUC Centre, Glasgow. Free of charge.

A partnership conference between BEMIS, the Scottish Refugee Council, the Scottish Trades Union Congress / One Workplace Equal Rights (STUC), the Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations (CEMVO) Scotland, and the Scottish Inter Faith Council with the following aims:

  • Raise awareness of employability opportunities, equality and rights for youth and potential employers
  • Provide a platform to address gaps in support of youth employment
  • Empower and present new opportunities in education, skills and build links with different sectors and industry in employment and help youth to exercise their right in breaking barriers and discrimination in the job market
  • Seek to develop a charter on supporting youth employment as well as engaging potential employers with regards to opportunities and responsibilities

Details of speakers and a full programme will be available in January 2012.

To register interest in attending, please send your details (name, organisation, email address and telephone number) to:

or contact Tanveer Parnez, BEMIS, Centrum Building, 38 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3DX
0141 548 8047 / Fax: 0141 548 8284

Is It Creative? A five day online networking event on creativity in learning

This week, Education Scotland is inviting Creative Learning Networks, Creativity Portal Partners and colleagues to join us in an online discussion around creativity and learning.

This is an ideal opportunity to:

Gain experience and confidence in using Glow Meet and other Glow tools and technologies

  • Engage in discussions and contribute to the ongoing national debate on creativity in learning
  • Network with colleagues from Creative Learning Networks and national creative organisations, ‘face to face’
  • Share creative learning experiences, practice and ideas with colleagues
  • Leave a valuable resource behind for teachers and educators to reference when thinking about the role of creativity in their work

We’d love to hear from you – we’ll be online from 09.45 to 11.30 each day at:

Monday 12 Dec – Glow Meet Reminder

An opportunity to remind yourself how to use Glow Meet or try it out for the first time. Practice uploading powerpoints, sharing your desktop and collaborating with colleagues using the shared whiteboard. Bring your questions, share your experiences.

Tuesday 13 Dec – Creative Learning Networks Exchange

Find out how a number of Creative Learning Coordinators are developing Creative Learning Networks in their local authorities:

  • Scottish Borders is using strategic approaches working across the local authority to develop its network
  • Dumfries & Galloway will discuss how they are approaching creativity in outdoor learning
  • Aberdeen will talk about engaging parents in their children’s creative learning through the Big Creative Picnic for families

Wednesday 14 Dec – Creative use of Technology for Learning

What is the difference between a blog and a wiki? How can you improve your Glow group? This is a chance to bring any questions you have about Glow and social media tools and also to get a few inspiring glimpses into emerging technologies. Find out more about the power of technology for learning and share ideas on how to use it creatively.

Thursday 15 Dec – Creative Learning Snapshots

Share a snapshot from your experiences of creative learning. Take just a couple of minutes to share a creative learning experience – it could be an example of something that worked really well, or something that didn’t; a significant moment, or a really great creative activity. Use images or videos, just talk, or get your fellow Glow Meeters going with a creative challenge. We’ll also have an open floor discussion – a chance to bring to the table any burning issues you’d like to discuss.

Friday 16 Dec – Glow Meet Creative Challenge!

Join us for a creative finale to the week. All you need is yourself, your webcam, plug in earphones/headphones and laptop. All will be revealed on the day – we’re fairly certain this hasn’t been attempted before!

Advancing Scotland as a Learning Society – CLD Contribution

Advancing Scotland as a Learning Society: Report Published

A Community Learning and Development Contribution

The Standards Council is pleased to announce the publication of ‘Advancing Scotland as a Learning Society: A Community Learning and Development Contribution’.

This report is a concise record of the Conversations project which took place across Scotland earlier this year. We spoke with over 200 activists and practitioners who practice in a wide range of contexts; the report is their collective voice. We hope you will recognise yourself here and encourage colleagues and partners to read and do likewise.

The Creativity Portal Update: “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

The Creativity Portal is now a little over a year old and users are visiting the Creativity Portal for its offer of creative partnerships, resources and inspiration, as well as engaging with the Creativity Portal Glow Group behind the scenes in new and exciting ways.

Creativity News Feeds

Nearly 700 partnership opportunities and examples of creativity in the curriculum have already been shared through the Creativity Blog – many of which are free for teachers and community learning groups.

That’s more than four pieces of inspiration and creative opportunities each school day.

You can receive the Creativity Blog in the way that suits you best:

You can also subscribe to specialist Creativity Feeds such as Creativity and LiteracyCreativity and SciencesCreativity and HeritageCreativity and DramaCreativity and DanceCreativity and MusicCreativity and Art & DesignCreativity and ASL, Creativity and Early YearsCreativity and CLD and Creativity and Social Studies.

Creativity Portal website

Nearly 15000 unique users have visited the Creativity Portal already making use of:

  • 74 quality assured creative partners responding to and investing in Curriculum for Excellence
  • 29 quality assured case studies of creative partnerships in action across all ages and areas of the curriculum
  • easy access to 106 creative resources, learning and teaching tools and sources of inspiration
  • listings of 32 national Glow Groups with creativity at their heart to inform your teaching

Creativity Portal Glow Group

Various associated Glow Groups and tools have been developed alongside the public facing Creativity Portal to engage educationalists, teachers and youth workers in sharing, discussion and celebration of creativity’s role in teaching and learning.

Creativity Forum – a national forum for all Glow users to contribute to the debate and seek answers

Creativity Archive – a national repository of creative projects and lessons that any Glow user can add to, ensuring that all our creative learning is shared and no learning is ever lost

Creativity online newspaper – a simple newspaper style newsfeed giving you at-a-glance news from across Scotland in creative learning

Glow TV’s Creativity Channel – featuring an increasing number of creative Glow Meets with authors, theatre directors, artists and creative partners

This is an exciting phase for the Creativity Portal and with changes happening all the time your feedback is as powerful as ever. You can access the Creativity Portal Evaluation tool here –, leave a comment on the Creativity Forum –, or email me direct on

If you have any questions or suggestions then please do not hesitate to ask. You can also find resources to help you promote and share the Creativity Portal’s resources with colleagues in the Creativity Portal Glow Group.

Creativity in the Classroom – a call out to share what works

Consider yourself creative?

The Creativity Portal is looking for examples of simple, short creative exercises that teachers and youth workers like yourself have used in the classroom and youth group settings.

It could be:

  • A creative chemistry experiment
  • The school’s fastest paper aeroplane contest
  • The imaginative alphabet
  • A 30 second dramatic warm-up

We would love to hear what’s worked for you. Get a mention on the national Creativity Portal and an invitation to future creative CPD. A wee bit of text is all it takes.

Add to the Creativity Archive here within Glow.

Or email

New Qualifications – November Update

 More detail about how each new National 5 Course will be assessed is now available. Draft Course Assessment Specifications for National 5 have been published on the SQA website and define the mandatory assessment requirements for Courses at National 5.

The purpose of the Course Assessment Specification is to ensure consistent and transparent assessment year on year. It describes the structure of the Course assessment and the mandatory skills, knowledge and understanding that will be assessed.

 Find out more about the qualifications development stages.

 Draft Unit Specifications have also been published for new Higher Courses. 

Feedback on these documents can be given via Have Your Say until 31 January 2012. The final versions of all SQA draft documents will be published in April 2012.

CPD @ KGS – an inhouse programme of Glow Shorts at Kirkwall Grammar School, Orkney

Jean Ward, DHT at Kirkwall Grammar School in Orkney has been making good use of our CPDShorts by creating an innovative programme of lunchtime sessions based around them.

The Glow CPDShorts – thought pieces on current issues in Scottish education – were held on four successive Wednesdays at lunchtime; all staff were invited to bring their lunch. These sessions are quick and informal – in order to make the most of time available the sessions are “flipped” with some suggested advance reading or watching.

Jean has kindly shared her programme with us. CPDShorts are freely available to all members of CPDCentral, so if you are a CPDLeader in your school, why not try them out as part of your collective CPD plan and get some lunchtime learning going on!

Wed 2 November. CPDShort 3 – Advancing Waves – what should education be about?

Presenter, John Connell

Wed 9 November. CPDShort 13 – Coaching and mentoring in the context of PRD

Presenter – Bob Cook’s paper on GLOW and the following YouTube links:

(or just ‘search’ coaching and mentoring on YouTube for many more excellent presentations for discussion)

Wed 16 November. CPDShort 8 – Sharing – the moral imperative

Presenter – Dean Shareski

Wed 23 November. CPDShort 4 – Motivating all learners

Presenter – Alan McLean


Although each meeting attracted only a small audience, it was important to those who came that they could share discussion in an informal setting. It was noticeable that most participants were from smaller departments with limited opportunity for professional dialogue.

Please get in touch if you would like more details.

Jean Ward

Big Share-In on CPDCentral, today!

Once again, we need your wisdom! Think of all the ideas, insights and interesting CPD practice that are hidden away in your brain, on your computer or your local web sites. Go on, bring them to the fore for the benefit of all Scottish educators!

Here’s how

1. log into this page on Glow ( the shortcut is before 4.30pm on November 22nd
2. click the big, green Share Now button

3. fill in a form for every item you want to share (you can attach documents or weblinks to the form)

4. stop when you’ve run out of wisdom or your fingers get sore! 😉

5. the shared items appear on CPDCentral I-share area


1. some of us will be ‘hanging out’ from 4pm onwards in the a CPDMeet room (if you want a chat or help)

2. you can add a targetted keyword (hashtag) to your shared items which will add them directly to other communities linked to CPDCentral. Hover for example . You will find a list of the current hashtags here

700 and counting and a free, on-demand CPD service!

The post in which CPDCentral welcomes its 700th member and launches a free, CPDRequest service!

CPDCentral membership reached the 700 mark yesterday. Our 700th member is Joe Kane (a thoughtful and innovative faculty head from John Ogilvie High School in South Lanarkshire whom I have also had the pleasure to meet). Among many other things, Joe is interested in harnessing the power of a learning round to continue to embed learning through technology in his school.

To celebrate our 700th, we are offering our 1% CPD service, CPDRequest.

image (cc) bengrey on FlickrThe National CPD Team at Education Scotland will arrange CPD for you on any topic, for free, if you can get 1% of the CPDCentral membership to join you in this topic. Here’s how it works:

  • you come up with a topic and its likely impact on learning where you are
  • 6 other CPDCentral colleagues join you
  • we source an interesting practitioner in your topic area
  • we arrange an online CPD opportunity for you (usually a CPDMeet)
  • the CPD is made available to all CPDCentral members through our online CPD catalogue

Oh, and for goodness sake, don’t tell a soul. We’ll be snowed under with requests for all this relevant CPD with real impact on learning! 😉

Remember, 7 is the magic number!

Global Citizenship Drop-in session (Glow Meet)

Theme:  Developing Global Citizens – A whole school approach

Day:  Tuesday, 6th December

Time:  3.45pm – 4.45pm

Following the success of our first Glow drop-in event, the Developing Global Citizenship Team are once again making themselves available on our new Glow TV channel to share inspirational practice and ideas and also to answer any questions you may have about global citizenship.  This is an informal session open to any practitioner or school leader in Scotland – just drop into the Glow meet to pick our brains, find out what’s coming up or tell us what you’re up to. If you missed the first one then click here to see how it works.

Our next session will focus on the potential of global citizenship education to inspire learning across the curriculum.  Ann Kay, Head Teacher of award-winning Whitelees Primary School (the first to gain five excellent grades in their school inspection) will share how embedding global citizenship across the curriculum transformed the learning experiences and ethos in the school. 

The session will open with a presentation from 3.45pm to 4.15pm on How to develop a whole school approach to global citizenship.  An open floor Q & A/discussion session will follow from 4.20pm – 4.45pm.   

Remember: It’s not a requirement, but if you join us with headphones or a webcam then it means we can have a good blether.

How to join:

Click on the following link to pre-register and also to join us on the day:


If you can’t make this one then the following drop in session will be on Thursday 26th January 2011 from 3:45pm – 4.45pm. As 2012 is The Year of Sustainable Energy for All, the focus for this session will be on developing global citizens through sustainable development education.