Apr 242015

Talking to Ourselves, Listening to Others: Scottish and Ghanaian Approaches to Global Citizenship. 

11th – 13th May 2015.  Comrie Croft​, Perthshire.


Places left – Application deadline extended to 24th April .

Professional learning opportunity for youth workers – hosted by Scotdec​

Professionals working with young people across Scotland are invited to take part in this 2-day workshop.

An international group of facilitators from Scotland, Ghana, Malawi, and Kenya.

As youth workers are we accidentally limiting the agenda for young people we work with? Are we making assumptions about what they are interested in or what issues they will find too complex or controversial?

Challenge yourself to think differently.  Further information and application details found here.

Fully subsidized.  Places limited.  Please apply in writing by 24th April 2015 ​(extended).

This event is supported by Youth Link Scotland, Youth Scotland and Education Scotland.


Apr 212015

Small Image 1+2This third Glow TV session from the Modern Languages team at Education Scotland will look at Reading and Writing in a 1+2 context. It will give advice on approaches to developing these skills in young learners and how this fits in with the new Experiences and Outcomes at First Level published at the end of March.

Join us live on Wednesday 29th April at 4pm. Register now to take part in this session in Glow TV.

Apr 212015

Atkins Logo Interested in a career in engineering? Would you like to know more about what it    involves? Why not join a live interactive Atkins Engineering Consultancy STEM Ambassador Career Presentation?

From your classroom join a variety of presentations by STEM Ambassadors, allowing 2nd to 6th year students the opportunity to ask about working as an engineer.

Each 30 min interactive career presentation will give an overview of:
•A career in engineering;
•What the STEM Ambassadors like about their jobs;
•What they did to become engineers;
•The opportunities for men and women in STEM Jobs.

These sessions will be available at a time that suits you live online via the Glow Meet in 2015.

For more details contact: STEMglasgow@atkinsglobal.com. Please include your preferred time and dates of your availability to participate.

Download a copy of the Atkins Engineering Consultancy STEM Ambassador Career Presentation flyer.


Apr 212015

dundee science centre

Throughout the last term Dundee Science Centre’s STEM Learning Team have visited 10 secondary schools across Dundee, Fife, Perth and Kinross and Angus with Dr Stephen Watt of the Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre, University of Dundee. The team took groups of senior phase learners through an electrophoresis workshop developed to suit Unit 1 of the new CfE Higher Human Biology course.


The context was skin cancer, and the workshop had three distinct strands. Stephen had some DNA samples of a particular oncogene which the pupils had to prepare for loading, load into the gels, and then analyse the gels to determine which samples were healthy skin and which were cancerous.


Cancer workshop Crieff HS

Whilst the gels ran, they had the opportunity to study healthy and cancerous skin tissue through microscopes, identifying key features of each. There was also time for the pupils to speak to Stephen, to ask questions about skin cancer and what it is like to be a research scientist.



The groups then went through a data analysis task to see which type of cancer treatment is most effective – chemotherapy or targeted treatments.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for young people to learn from a professional scientist about world leading research.

Here’s what teachers said:

“It fitted in well to the Higher Human course”

“Pupils really enjoyed the workshop”

“An absolutely fantastic workshop, thank you!”

“I would personally love it if you were able to come out again when we are teaching CfE Higher Human next year!”


Dundee Science Centre hopes to be able to offer this experience again in the future. If you’d be interested to find out more, get in touch by e-mailing learning@dundeesciencecentre.org.uk


Apr 212015


The light at the end of the tunnel

This year’s Institute of Physics Stirling Meeting will take place at the Stirling Court Hotel (formerly known as the Management Centre) on Wednesday 20th May. Full details, including the programme and the online registration system are available at www.stirlingmeeting.org

Registration deadline is 15th May.

Once again SSERC will be distributing free a valuable educational resource to all delegates who are currently teaching in schools.

Apr 172015

track a tree Track a Tree is a new project that will record the progress of spring in woodlands across the UK.

Phenology is the study of recurring seasonal events in plants and animals, and the timing of these events in relation to weather and climate. In spring, phenological events include trees coming into leaf, the flowering of plants, nesting of birds and emergence of caterpillars. Track a Tree is a citizen ecology scheme that will record the spring phenology of individual woodland trees and the flowering plants that make up the ground flora beneath them.BirchBudburst_Med

Use this project with your class as a way of connecting with the outdoors, giving young people ownership of their school grounds, or why not track a tree in the local community? This could also be used as a homework challenge with learners tracking a tree on their street or garden!ROS_CP_B1a

Visit Education Scotland’s ‘Panda Reporter‘ blog to find out about more of the citizen science activities schools across Scotland are taking part in! Plus Patrick the Panda will be tracking a tree in his local area and learning more about the environment.borestone panda

Apr 142015

BBC Radio Scotland presenter Bryan Burnett speaks to 4 young people about the ‘dream jobs’ they hold and explores the issue of how to School radiofind your ideal profession, what it takes to make a dream become a (financially viable) reality and how to develop personal ambitions and strengths for a successful career path.

The four exciting episodes include:

1.  BAFTA award-winning games designer Sophia George

2. Ballet dancer Andrew Peasgood

3.  Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya

4.  Teacher and aid worker Suzie Livingstone

For more information please visit:   BBC Radio Scotland – School Radio:  Dream Jobs


Apr 142015

The Picts lived in the north and east of Scotland in the 3rd to 9th centuries A.D. Now the Forestry Commission Scotland aims to encourage primary teachers to explore this period of Scottish history with their pupils, investigating the Pictish people, their culture and their impact on the land. FCS has produced a new learning resource, targeted at CFE level 2, which includes creative activities for both classroom and place-based outdoor learning. The resource makes use of many museum and archaeological assets, and suggests further study of local historic monuments.

It is available online as a PDF download from the Historic Scotland website.

A BBC Scotland news piece gives more detail.

Apr 022015

SLF ExtraAnother event in the SLF Extra series took place on Tuesday 24th March 2015. This was a partnership event between Education Scotland, AHDS and SCEL. The event attracted over 160 delegates from all over Scotland, mainly those in leadership positions within Early Years and Primary settings.

Everyone gathered together to unpick the implications of Developing the Young Workforce for these sectors and to help school leaders think about their next steps.

The event was opened by Joan Mackay, Assistant Director, Education Scotland and Project Lead on DYW who set out the national and policy context for the work. She was followed by Gillian Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, SCEL who discussed Leadership at all Levels.

Delegates were then given an opportunity to self-evaluate their own current position in regards to what they had heard.

Following the keynote speakers, presentations were given by:

Ann McIntosh (Head Teacher), Catriona Smith (Depute Head Teacher) and Jonathan Cunningham (Depute Head Teacher) from Knightswood Primary School on their ‘Developing Picture’ with regards to employment, partnerships, equalities and curriculum linking to DYW.

Kirsty Harker (Education Support Officer, Perth and Kinross) and Kim Ramsay (Head Teacher of Royal School of Dunkeld) spoke on Profiling and Progression of Skills. Kim explained the whole school approach to planning for skills development and showed practical examples of how the learners profile their skills.

Lorna Jackson (Head Teacher, Hermitage Primary School) presented on her school’s approach to developing skills through STEM. She explained the contexts that have been used to develop learners’ skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Sharon Hunter (Head Teacher, Busby Primary School) discussed Business and Community Partnerships. She outlined the school’s successful Masterclasses, in particular detailing the progression of skills and partnership working through the Food and Health masterclasses.

Using Building the Curriculum 4 key messages as a focus, after each presentation delegates were provided the opportunity to reflect on what they had heard, their own practice and discuss how they might take things forward in their own settings.

The event was very successful and delegates have heard national, regional and local perspectives with time for sharing ideas and thoughts. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we are looking forward to seeing the impact. Comments from delegates included:

– the event opened my eyes to the wealth of opportunities available e.g. utilising businesses, local colleges, etc.

– I was looking for ideas to support my school in the development of skills in preparation for life beyond school. The conference was excellent at showing best practice and giving ideas to take the key messages forward.

– I have thoroughly enjoyed this event and it has inspired me greatly It was great to learn about all the progression taking place from nursery through to P7 and building on prior skills and knowledge.

– I was looking for inspiration on how to build on the current good work happening in my school. I am leaving inspired – so much to think about.

For more information about Developing the Young Workforce visit the Education Scotland website

Mar 312015

Stirling HS John Muir Award Group Survey image 1 (2)The ‘Our Environment Competition’ is a great way of engaging young people with their local environment and conservation issues.

Children identify and collect information about an issue in their local environment, collate the information and propose a solution.

Submit your entry as a presentation, poster, leaflet, video or photo storyboard – or maybe you can think of another creative way.

Have you already been working on an environmental project? You can use what you have found out and produced for this competition!

The winning entry will get £1000!

Find out more here.


After much interest the closing date has been extended to Friday April 10th