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Come and meet the experts and find out about air pollution!

Free professional learning workshops available for practitioners at Hillpark Secondary School, Glasgow on 25th November 4 – 6pm.

Come along and learn about air pollution, how to use data about air quality in your classes and finding indicator species such as lichen in your local area!

Sign up using our simple survey here:


Edinburgh Genomics

Small - Edinburgh GenomicsEducation Scotland is hosting an exciting event in collaboration with Edinburgh Genomics – giving practitioners a chance to converse with some of Scotland’s leading experts in modern genomics research. Edinburgh Genomics is embedded in the rich academic environment of the University of Edinburgh, offering genomic sequencing and bioinformatics services across the fields of medical, veterinary and biological sciences. This twilight session has been organised in accordance with the specifications of the DNA and the Genome unit of the CfE Higher (H4KD 76). The session will be hosted by Karim Gharbi, Head of Genomics, who will explain the concepts of sequencing and bioinformatics; describing the cutting-edge technologies used at Edinburgh Genomics in this highly powerful and ever-developing field of scientific research. This will be immediately followed by a second discussion hosted by Mark Blaxter, Director of the Genome Science Division, who will discuss the many applications for genomic sequencing, such as phylogenomics, comparative genomics and possible clinical applications.

Join us on Monday 16th November at 4pm in Glow TV to find out more. Sign up and regsiter now – Edinburgh Genomics

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

NNM Hub – Module 8 – Assessing Progress and Achievement

Small- Module 8Join the Numeracy and Mathematics Team on Thursday 12th November at 4pm to find out about Assessing Progress and Achievement.

In this session the Numeracy and Mathematics Team in Education Scotland will be discussing Assessing Progress and Achievement and will be answering your questions.

Register to take part live in Glow TV – NNM Hub – Module 8 – Assessing Progress and Achievement

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

Meeting the Muslim Faith

Small- Islam ScotlandMuslims are an important part of Scotland’s diverse faith and belief communities. ‎ Did you know that Muslims invented some of the many things we take for granted like soap, coffee, the guitar and even some the maths you learn at school – and that many of the words in the English language have been taken from the Muslim world, such as pyjamas, oranges, sugar, mattresses?!

Join us for this event on Monday 9th November at 2pm to find out more about Islam and Muslims and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Those appearing on this session will include Shaikh Amer Jamil, who is an Imam and Islamic scholar.

Sign up and join us live in Glow TV – Meeting the Muslim Faith

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

Have Your Say – National Improvement Framework!

Small - NIFThe Scottish Government has published a draft National Improvement Framework which brings together key information in a more consistent way, so that greater focus can be given to the progress of children and how we can continually improve Scottish education. Scottish Ministers want children and young people from around Scotland to help shape plans to progress the Framework.

There have been meetings and events with parents, teachers and education staff from local authorities and it is important that children and young people get the opportunity to discuss and share their views on what is important to them about knowing how they are doing at school, and how they would want to see their school improve.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Angela Constance MSP, will also be available during this live Glow TV broadcast to answer your pupil’s questions live!

Join us in Glow TV on Monday 9th November at 11.30am – register now! – Have Your Say – National Improvement Framework!

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

How good is our school? – Increasing creativity

what are creativity skills piece 1

How good is our school? provides a suite of quality indicators that support staff in all sectors to scrutinise their work and evaluate what is working well for learners and what could be better. It is a key aspect of the Scottish approach to school improvement and supports self-evaluation and reflection by practitioners at all levels.


The 4th edition was launched at this year’s Scottish Learning Festival and features a new quality indicator – Increasing creativity and employability - that will help schools across Scotland to embed progression in skills for learning, life and work in young people’s learning.. To support this, Education Scotland’s Creativity Team have developed two new infographics that can help you quickly understand What are creativity skills?, and identify the national and local support to Unlock your creativity. The infographics can be printed and shared freely.


Join the Creativity Professional Learning Community on Glow or visit the Education Scotland website for more information.

what are creativity skills sharableunlock your creativity sharable

Numeracy and Mathematics Resources

National Numeracy and Mathematics HubESLogohub


The National Numeracy and Mathematics Hub is a virtual learning environment for all practitioners. The Hub provides an innovative approach to career-long professional learning for all practitioners in all sectors. It is an interactive, virtual learning environment which offers practitioners:

  • Professional learning in different aspects of numeracy with a focus on progression, numeracy and mathematics skills, numeracy across learning, assessment and moderation and teaching.
  • Career-long professional learning opportunities of various types such as broadcasts, professional reading and action research.
  • An easy to use environment where you can share and work with colleagues from across Scotland as well as those from your own school or authority​.

Education Scotland website:

Provides practitioners with excellent resources and guidance to help develop learning and teaching in Numeracy and Mathematics including;

 National Numeracy Progression Frameworkprogression – This resource has been created to deepen practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of progression within the experiences and outcomes for numeracy and mathematics. It included progression pathways with key milestones and building blocks for each of the numeracy organisers. Mathematics pathways coming soon, along with previous knowledge and understanding and exemplification.

Professional Learning Resources – These professional learning resources provide guidance and advice to help inform learning and teaching practices in line with the main objectives of the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN). There are PLR’s for;

There is also information on Assessing progress and achievement available which includes professional learning activities and key documents on significant aspects of learning and making good assessment decisions.

Other key links and websites to support the development of Numeracy and Mathematics;

The Journey to Excellence: Examples of innovative and interesting practice. Search ‘mathematics’ or ‘numeracy’ in to the search facility.

TWIG Film list for National 4 and National 5 Qualifications

TWIG Films from website

stem logoSTEM Links

STEM e-bulletin

(Up to date news, information, resources and professional learning)

STEM Central in MOTION blog

(more up to date news on STEM)

STEM Central website

(high quality resources, teaching ideas, videos etc to develop learning experiences relating to sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics

Main Contact for Numeracy and Mathematics Team at Education Scotland:

Lorna Harvey, Acting Senior Education Officer

Optima Building, 58 Robertson Street


G2 8DU

Tel: 0141 282 5119   



Invitation to evaluate ‘Recognising and Realising Children’s Rights’ resource


Recognising and Realising Children’s Rights is a professional development resource which was developed by Education Scotland and launched in September 2013. The stated aims of this resource are to:

  • raise awareness and develop knowledge/understanding of the UNCRC;
  • individuals and establishments to self-evaluate their practice in light of the UNCRC;
  • support improvement planning within establishments;
  • support children to know, understand and claim their rights.

Education Scotland would like to engage colleagues in evaluating the effectiveness and impact of this resource, and would appreciate your contribution to this evaluation.

The findings will be used to evaluate the current resource and to inform future developments. It should only take a few minutes to complete and all contributions will remain anonymous.

Click here to complete the evaluation.

Poppyscotland Remembrance

Small - Poppy ScotlandThis year Poppyscotland have once again teamed up with Glow TV to bring you an event about Remembrance and the significance of the poppy. Take part in a live question and answer session with staff and veterans from Poppyscotland and Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory in Edinburgh, where 5 million poppies are hand-made each year.

Join us live from the Poppy Factory on Thursday 5th November at 11am in Glow TV.
Register to take part live – Poppyscotland Remembrance

Real STEM Careers : Engineering Presentation Series

Atkins LogoInterested in a career in engineering? Would you like to know more about what it involves? Why not join a live interactive Atkins Engineering Consultancy STEM Ambassador Career Presentation with Paula Breslin, who works in Offshore Renewables at present but has also worked in Aerospace in the past.

Find out show he got to where she is today through school and university/ work placements and what its generally like to be an engineer on a day to day basis.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to ask Paula all your questions and she can answer them all live for you! Sign up and join us on Wednesday 4th November at 11am – Real STEM Careers : Engineering Presentation Series

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.