The National Parent Forum Scotland: Information on careers, skills and pathways

NPFS Career EdThe National Parent Forum Scotland has released a number of key documents to inform parents about the latest developments around career education, advice and guidance and the implications this has for their children.  The series includes following publications:

    1. Career Education: A World of Possibilities:  This publication provides a helpful introduction to the programme of career education introduced in the 2015/16 school year.
    2. Learning pathways in the senior phase and beyond:  The  information flyer outlines the diverse pathways available to learners from S4 onwards.
    3. Senior Phase in a Nutshell: This Nutshell explains the senior phase of CfE.
    4. Skills in a Nutshell:  This leaflet outlines the nature and   importance of developing skills for learning, life and work.
    5. Creativity, Enterprise and Employability:  This guide will tell
      you about creativity and what it means in terms of career pathways for learners.
    6. Career Conversations:  This guide provides hints and tips on how to have a  constrictive career conversation with children and young people.
    7. Apprenticeships in a Nutshell:  This flyer tells you all you need to know about this career pathway  including information on Foundation Apprenticeships.
    8. Wider Achievement in a Nutshell:  This outlines what ‘wider’ or ‘personal achievements’ means and what falls under this concept form an educational perspective.

More publications in this series can be accessed within the download section of the National Parent Forum Scotland website

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