Bloodhound Scotland Rocket Car Challenge

Blooh houndThe technologies form a central part of Scotland’s heritage, identity and future. Their importance cannot be overstated whether as an economic necessity, a social influence or a vital educational experience.

There are approximately 1300 secondary qualified craft, design, engineering and graphics and 600 secondary qualified computing science practitioners across the 32 local authorities in Scotland. The wide spread of locations can and has made professional and collaborative learning difficult.

Scottish Schools Education and Research Centre, Education Scotland and Energy Skills Partnership have worked in partnership to set upTechnology/STEM hubs across Scotland that will give practitioners access to high quality professional and collaborative learning opportunities.

The hubs will be based around the 13 college regions and will not only reach out to the secondary practitioners but also to the 13 regional college staff.

Through the local authority contacts of SSERC and Education Scotland and the Energy Skills Partnership college network the BLOODHOUND Rocket Car Challenge was a kick starter project to encourage practitioners and college staff to get involved in their local hub.

The case study attached explains the detail of how this kick starter project has brought together schools and colleges.

Bloodhound Case study May 2016

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