Dinnae be a fairdiegowk, give the Into Film newsletter a wee read.

Well hello there!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Do you know what a fairdiegowk is? Or a craiture? 

Fairdiegowk is now my new favourite Scots word. Sorry Bahookie, you’ve been skelped by a superior word.

My love for this new word is thanks to the amazing Gruffalo’s Child event that was held on 9th March at Dundee Contemporary Arts. This event, created and presented In partnership with Education Scotland, saw nearly 200 young people immersed in the world that is The Gruffalo in Scots.

First off the children watched the original version of the film and although it is written in English, it was great to hear the dulcet Scottish tones of Robbie Cultrane as the Gruffalo and the incredible soft Scottish lilt of Shirley Henderson as the Gruffalo’s child. (In quite a departure from her Happy Valley role!)

After watching the film the young people were treated to not one, but TWO readings from Matthew Fitt. The children really loved these readings, the first in Scots and the second in Dundonian. The Dundonian version had  been written by Matthew and had never before been heard by an audience. It was a real world first. The children thought it was “affy braw” to hear about the dietary likes of the “muckle mad moose”, which includes Gruffalo cake and Gruffalo bridies from Greggs.

After the readings the Children went through some of the differences in Language with Education Scotland and were then able to use this knowledge of Scots Language and use it to write a review of the film.

It was a brilliant day, enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Well that was our week, we have other things happening as well, but none as “teckle” as this.

Well not this week.

Next week, however, is another matter entirely.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s story from Into Film in Scotland.

Please keep reading if you would like to know how to use film as part of National Careers Week and to hear more about the new film Hail, Caesar!

Best wishes,


Jo Spence is part of the Education Team at Into Film Scotland

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