Weans’ Wurds

How many Scots words do you know? What about your friends and family? When and where do you use these words?

Have you noticed that some people in different parts of Scotland use different Scots words from you?

You can see some word lists by clicking here: 100 Key Words in Varieties of Scots

Here is a chance to share your words with those collected by classes from other parts of the country.

  • Ask your teacher to set this as homework: collect 5 (or any number he/she chooses) Scots words to bring and share
  • Download the 100 words from the area closest to you. Which words do you know/use? Find out which words your friends and family know/use as homework
  • Ask all the adults and learners in your school what their favourite Scots word is

Decide how you will present your information:

  • Mrs Hampton’s class made a wordle of their list and shared it:


  • You could make a photo gallery of everyone with their favourite word. Dr Fairbairn is demonstrating:

Dr F2

  • You could create your own list of 100 Key Words for your area or school
  • Think of another suitable way to share what you have learned.

Don’t forget to share your results on the Scots Learners’ site: http://bit.ly/scotslearners

The tag is #weanswurds

You can see and hear examples of the different types of Scots used across the country in Education Scotland’s Guides to Regional Scots

More information about Scots Dialects can be found here: Main Scots Dialects.

If you want to find out even more about a class in another area of the country, have a look at the Keen Tae Ken Yer Kin challenge. Just click on this tile back on the Learners’ site:




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