Highland Council: Career Management Skills in Primary School – a resource

An innovative project to embrace career education and skills Lochadril PS CMS porjectdevelopment for primary pupils has been developed by Highlands Council.  Lochadril Primary School, Inverness, in conjunction with Skills Development Scotland,  the charity Barnardo’s, and a number of industry partners have created a far reaching programme to engage young learners in considering their future career pathways.  The fourteen week project amongst others  aims to develop in learners an awareness for skills required to work in different industries,  of job opportunities available in  local economy and allowing them to experiences of job roles in a variety of industries.

If you want to find out more about this project, its planning implementation and impact the following resources have been made available by Highland Council:

Lochardil PS Career Management Skills project

Live Glow Meet with James Cook, who developed and compiled this resource:  Thursday, 4 December, 4pm.



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