New Training and Induction Programme for Childminders


Scottish Government has outlined the central role of childminders will play in the delivery of any further expansion of childcare. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced plans for a new standard of best practice for childminders, which is to include a new training and induction programme that all childminders will be expected to complete prior to registration.

The training and induction programme, which will be developed with the Care Inspectorate, will support the development of skills and training for all childminders working in the early learning and childcare sector.

Maggie Simpson, Chief Executive of Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA), said:

“I’m delighted to hear of another piece being added to the jigsaw. Today’s announcement of the development of a quality standard for childminders will bring childminding in line with the opportunities that are already enjoyed by the rest of the early years workforce.

“There is already a robust registration and inspection process carried out by the Care Inspectorate with childminding services amongst the highest graded Early Learning and Childcare providers.

“SCMA and our childminder members also wanted to see more direct access to qualifications and I look forward to working with the Care Inspectorate, Scottish Government, the Scottish Social Services Council and on the development of this quality standard for childminders.”

We look forward to working closely with our partners in SSSC, Care Inspectorate and SCMA in support of this development.

Read the Scottish Government press release here.

Scottish Childminding Association

Care Inspectorate

Scottish Social Services Council

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