Getting Ready for Winter Glow TV

Ready-for-Winter-WestieDon’t get caught out with bad weather this winter! Doing small things now can save a lot of trouble later. Take part in our Glow TV event to hear from the Met Office, Sustrans and SEPA on why you need to get ready and what you can do. This will include getting your home and bike ready for winter. Our experts are keen to answer your questions too.  This is a great opportunity to get ready for winter!

If you are not a teacher pass this on to your education contacts, it will be worth watching!

This glow meet is suitable for upper primary and lower secondary and will be on 24th  November 10.45 – 11.45.  Sign up to register here!

In the meantime, visit the visit Ready for Winter page to get ideas to use with your class. You’ll find a power point, short video and learning journeys packed full of ideas to get you started.  Keep safe this winter!


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