Glasgow Music Festival – Speech and Drama Categories

The Glasgow Music Festival provides opportunities for pupils of all ages, to perform poetry, drama, plays and debate at the annual event which runs from March 13 to 15 2016 at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Schools are invited to enter pupils from the ages of five to 18, to give speeches and perform poetry, drama and prose in front of an audience and receive constructive feedback from an adjudicator.

Highlights include:

* Opportunities for debating clubs to participate in prepared Speaking categories (12-13, 14-15, 16-18), team debating and extempore speaking where young people are given ten minutes preparation time to come up with a speech on a topic chosen by the adjudicator.

* Perform a favourite Burns poem or other poem. The poem could be from coursework or it could challenge pupils to find a poem that appeals to them, prepare an introduction and then perform.

* The creative performance and monologue categories ties in with the National 5s and Higher qualification. Pupils can work together on a performance which could include singing, speech, drama, miming and movement. The independent adjudicator can offer feedback which can be constructive for pupils and teachers alike.

* Primary school classes or choirs could try something different with the Group Verse categories, which give children a good introduction to rhythm and rhyme. It is a fun way for a group to work together and use actions and props to bring the poetry to life.

Please contact for more information.

The syllabus is now available

Closing date for entries November 5th 2015.

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