Digital Storytelling at the Scottish Learning Festival

Photo courtesy of Burravoe Primary School who took part in the Storytelling. Thanks!

In March 2015, a group of learners from St Michael’s Primary in Dumfries started a story that went all round the country in a week with learners from lots of schools contributing a chapter each. (See this post from earlier in the year)

Now the learners are leading a seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival – National Digital Storytelling! Three of the learners will be appearing in person and others will be joining in from afar.

The learners will be supported by Ruth Cubbon of St Michael’s and Lorna Purdie a Development Officer in Dumfries and Galloway.

They’re not revealing all their secrets but a quick look at the Storytelling Community on Glow suggests they may well be testing our brains with a co-created book of riddles!


  • Come and say hello in the Storytelling Community on Glow
  • If you’re at SLF, there may still be places for the seminar. It’s at 9.15 on Thursday 24th September
  • Watch the learning (oh and fun) unfold on the Storytelling Community before, during and after the seminar
  • Use the tag #storytellingslf15 if you are on Twitter or the Glow Newsfeed

Cannae wait! 😉

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