Flipping SLF!

flippedSLFAre you attending the Scottish Learning Festival (SLF) this year? Some of our presenters are using professional learning communities on Glow to ‘flip’ the learning at SLF.

Before the seminar, colleagues will be asked to join the community and leave a comment in the Newsfeed or Yammer group. This will get the professional dialogue going even before the seminar happens.

During the seminar, the key points and resources will be captured and made available on the online community. Colleagues may also be asked to make an individual or collaborative pledge to change their practice.

After the seminar, the dialogue can be continued, resources accessed and the community used to add value to the SLF experience.

Flipped seminar participants will be emailed personally but if you are coming to SLF or just interested in the SLF chat, make your way to the National Professional Learning Community

You’ll find some support on how to get onto Glow Yammer if you’ve never used it.

Use the tag #flippingslf and you will be guided to get the most out of SLF and professional learning on Glow.


If you need access to Glow or need to revive your Glow details, see this post How do I get a login?

If Glow is new to you, find out more on our Glow Connect blog

PS This post has been updated for SLF 2016 and to reflect the fact that many communities now use Yammer

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