United Nations Climate Change Summit

Paris summitWe know that flooding and severe weather are a result of global warming and that these issues are not going away.   At the end of November, negotiators from over 150 nations spent two weeks in Paris, at a United Nations Climate Change Summit, also known as COP21, trying to come up with solutions to reduce global warming as well as identify ways that societies can adapt to a changing climate.   Find out more about the issues raised at the United Nations Climate Change Summit.   http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en/learn/

As a community resilience professional, what information can you offer schools on the effects of climate change in your local authority? Has there been an increase in flooding or in severe weather?

Can you offer ideas and plans your team have to help the people in your local authority adapt to a changing climate? This information could benefit classes that are studying weather and climate change through science or social studies.

Teachers can find information on the Summit that can be shared with their classes here  http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/exploringclimatechange/response/cop21/about.asp

Teachers can also find learning journeys and resources on flooding, weather and climate change on Education Scotland’s Ready for Emergencies and Weather and Climate Change pages. 










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