Scotland as the world’s first hydro nation!


The Scottish Government is keen for Scotland to become the world’s first Hydro Nation.  This means that more emphasis is placed on water as central to our national identity.

A project that focussed on this theme was delivered to a total of 106 children (ages 3-10) and 14 adults. Based on feedback, it was deemed an unquestionable success by the local authority, teachers and school children alike.

This project was a public outreach activity that targeted primary and secondary school children located to the north of Dundee where there are excellent examples of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).SUDS1

The key objective of the project was to raise awareness of the Hydro Nation agenda with a scope that was twofold: explain the urban water cycle and promote awareness and understanding of the local SUDS and related benefits. In order to work with schools the researchers had to link clearly with Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes focusing on science.

To find out more download the Dundee report.

Published by Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters .



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