Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015

EIBF ImageBaillie Gifford Schools Programme – 24 August − 1 September 2015
Around the World in Stories

Welcome, bienvenida, tervetuloa to the 2015 Baillie Gifford Schools Programme.

This year we’re focusing on storytelling with an international twist, looking at the many ways in which stories can be told, re-told, re-invented, adapted, translated and shared across languages, cultures and time.

Bringing stories from other lands will be Finnish novelist Salla Simukka whose latest book, As Red As Blood, is a gripping thriller for teens. Leonie Norrington flies in to tell us about life in Australia’s Outback, while talented musician and storyteller Mio Shapley shares musical tales from Japan.

Stories can be told through many forms including poetry, song and picture. Graphic novel creators Metaphrog transform fairy tales into comics, whilst Luke Wright brings ballads to life with his spoken word performance poetry. Meanwhile our Illustrator in Residence, Debi Gliori, shows senior pupils how our life experiences can feed our creativity.

On Baillie Gifford Gala Day we’ll be celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by transforming the Gardens into a world of stories and fun, with a host of authors, roving magicians, storytellers, favourite fictional characters and much more.

For you, our Continuing Professional Development events offer inspiring ideas that you can use in the classroom. This year we’re exploring a range of topics including translation, bilingualism and teaching human rights through picture books and comics.

I hope you’ll agree that this year’s Baillie Gifford Schools Programme is a true smörgåsbord of delights. Come along and have a nibble or join us for a feast.

You can download the full schools brochure from our website and whilst you’re there, sign up to receive our Education & Schools e-bulletins: https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/learning/schools/baillie-gifford-schools-programme

Here are a selection of secondary sessions that are still currently available for you to book:

Luke Wright’s Hard Hitting Ballads – 24-Aug 12:15, S3-S6

Coming of Age with Brian Conaghan & Andrew Smith – 24-Aug 13:30, S3-S6

The Dangerous Stories of Catherine Bruton and Salla Simukka – 28-Aug 10:30, S3-S5

Kate Pankhurst’s Marvellous Mysteries- 28-Aug 12:30, P2-P5

Robin Hood Reborn with Tim Hall- 31-Aug 10:00, S4-S6

Be Yourself with Liz Kessler & Lisa Williamson – 31-Aug 10:30, S3-S6

Book tickets online here: http://schools.edbookfest.co.uk

If you are unable to attend in person why not see what we are offering in Glow TV – find out about all the events that we are broadcasting live from the festival and sign up to join us!! – Glow TV schedule

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