Midvision 2015

Poland 4It was unforgettable evening in Dalkeith as Midlothian hosted a glittering international event – the Grand Final of Midvision 2015.

Midvision is a competition for Midlothian primary schools which combines learning a modern language with technology, music, dance and creative design. The main focus of Midvision is modern languages and the project supports implementation of the Government’s policy on language learning –1 Plus 2 approach – which requires children to learn two languages in addition to their mother tongue. With a strong focus on developing language skills and digital literacy, MidVision also promotes skills for life and work.

Each of the 24 classes taking part in the project researched a different country from around the world finding out about its history, culture, geographical features, important events, famous people, and other features that makes that country unique. They also learned some key words and phrases. Then children produced a documentary film about their country which involved writing screenplays, filming, editing and directing.

Finally, each team composed a song to be performed in the language of their chosen country and they visited a professional recording studio where they worked with a sound engineer to record their song.

Twelve of the 12 songs were showcased at the Grand Final, which featured ‘Eurovision style’ performances from teams representing Brazil, South Africa, India, Egypt, Japan, China, Spain, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. An audience of nearly 500 lucky ticket holders were also able to see some of the documentaries and learning journals produced by pupils as part of the project.

After an epic on stage battle, the team from Poland emerged as the winner of Midvision 2015.

For more information about Midvision contact Alan Wait, Schools Group Manager – Alan.Wait@Midlothian.gov.uk

You can view the whole event which was broadcast on Glow TV – Midvision Part 1 , Midvision Part 2

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