Skills for Learning, Life and Work

Education Scotland has entered into dialogue with a range of stakeholders to highlight key issues surrounding skills for life, learning and work. As part of this we have been running a series of conversation days which allow key issues to be identified and discussed across sectors, and enable focussed action planning. We have also developed a skills blog where a range of useful resources and links can be found. The link below will direct you to the blog. Please browse the site and we would welcome both your comments and the sharing of your experiences of skills across the curriculum.

Our first skills conversation day was held on September 5th in Loch Leven Community Campus, Kinross. The morning provided stimulating conversation pieces, and facilitated discussions among delegates to identify key issues for the afternoon session. Three issues were identified and taken forward to the ‘implemento’ table discussion in the afternoon, these were:

• Develop common language and understanding of skills
• Effectively plan for progression in the development of skills
• Ensure employers are fully engaged in young people’s learning

An outline of the range of discussions and subsequent actions can be found under the ‘skills conversation session 2’ using the link below.

Please feel free to leave comments as we would very much value your thoughts and ideas on the above points.
Further to this, the blog also contains a selection of presentations from each of the conversation pieces from a range of stakeholders from schools to Scottish Government.

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