Rights, Support and Wellbeing Team

The Team will support local authorities and learning establishments to ensure the rights, support and wellbeing of all Scotland’s children and young people are recognised and realised.

– What every child and young person is entitled to
– What we do to ensure children and young people’s rights are recognised and realised

– What we do, as professionals, to facilitate full participation, addressing disadvantage and inequality
– What we do to support professionals in realising their role within ‘responsibility of all’

– What we do to secure and maintain the wellbeing of children and young people particularly the most vulnerable

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2 thoughts on “Rights, Support and Wellbeing Team”

  1. Hi Carol,

    Thank you for responding to our post.

    We are currently developing a new professional development resource to raise awareness of the UNCRC; this will be for all adults working with children within education. The new tool from the SG GIRFEC team which seeks to build a shared understanding of wellbeing across an establishment might also be of good use for you; I believe the tool will be launched over the next few weeks.

    You would be more than welcome to join our Professional Learning Community (http://bit.ly/rswhome) where resources, ideas and developments can easily be shared.

    The PLC can be joined here: https://portal.glowscotland.org.uk/establishments/nationalsite/CPD%20Central/PLPortal/newmember.aspx

    Again, great to have your response to our post.


  2. Hi – happy to get involved in any way . I’m a high school depute with responsibility for GIRFEC, personal support, PLPs,Rights Respecting School and all CP mattters .


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