Midlothian Profiling Videos

Midlothian Council has kindly agreed to share some videos they have created which feature learners discussing profiling.  These videos were recently shown at the Education Authority Assessment Forum and can be downloaded from the National Assessment Glow Group by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Midlothian Profiling Videos”

  1. Just wondering where you can get the software, etc for the profile log. It looks great.

  2. We were pleased to be invited to share our personal profiling development work. We are working on the production of a similar video-based approach for secondary S3 pupils in Midlothian. If you are intested in viewing these when they are finalised, let me know.


  3. Saw these videos at EA Assessment Forum and found them to be incredibly well done, interesting and thought provoking. They will be helpful for anyone working around profiling at the moment but also for many other aspects of CPD regarding progression, transition and meeting the needs of learners.

  4. Thank you to Midlothian for sharing these. I think they will be very helpful for both staff and pupils.

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