SQA Curriculum Event: Mathematics & Numeracy

SQA, in partnership with Education Scotland, are holding a series of curriculum area events to discuss the new national qualifications and give practical support on their implementation. The events are also an opportunity for practitioners to give their views on the new qualifications. Places have been allocated to local authorities and their schools, independent schools and colleges. The events are part of a range of support to help local authorities and individual centres prepare for implementing the new qualifications.

The Mathematics and Numeracy day was on the 9th Decemeber. To view the Glow Meet recordings from the event click on the links below (you will need to glow log in to access the recordings):

Introduction and Workshops

Presentations and Workshop Documents

To find out about other Curriculum Area Events during December via Glow TV click here.

2 thoughts on “SQA Curriculum Event: Mathematics & Numeracy”

  1. Are the supporting presentation/powerpoint materials available for download on their own?
    [ i.e. without the video]
    It would be useful to have an option to browse the content of each session without necessarily devoting an hour or more at at time that it takes to view the video footage.


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