Week 1

Hi, I am excited to be starting this new blog all about my experiences and improvements throughout the digital technologies module. At first I was  bit apprehensive as to what the course would actually be about however after today’s session I feel a lot more relieved and excited for the weeks ahead. Digital technologies was an optional module for me and I chose it because it was something I had never thought on doing before and I wanted to identify my areas of strengths and weaknesses that I would need to improve on in order to take them into the classroom. When referring to digital technology key topics such as programmable toys for example, there are some topics which I have some experiences in but there are also some fresh ones which I am keen to start developing on.

As a whole, digital technology is described as a term which digital applications and resources use in order to do certain tasks such as find a website in which your topic is based upon and then analyse the reliability of the source and how effective it would be for our learning for example. As a teacher it is important that I am able to gather the knowledge on how to do certain aspects of digital technologies such as this in order to be able to demonstrate it to pupils in the future to enhance their learning.

In this generation, digital technology is practically at the center of every day life. Within Scotland, the government are keen to improve the use of digital technologies within our schools.  The government have emphasised how digital technology can slightly impact a pupils education. They have 4 main objectives revolving around digital technologies. One key objective they have is to improve access to technology within the class. In my opinion I think the government are keen on placing such a big emphasis on technology within schools because they want to make every child equal at school and by using technology within class time it allows those pupils from a poorer background to have the same opportunity as everyone else by having a chance to use technology which they may or may not have had the chance to use or have at home (Scottish Government, 2016).

It is important that throughout these 12 weeks I am able to reflect upon my weaknesses when using digital technology and focus on some new improvements on how I can change these weaknesses into strengths to use within the classroom. I am also looking forward to starting something totally out of my comfort zone and become a learner myself. I hope you will continue to follow my journey throughout these 12 weeks and see how well i have developed!


Scottish Government (2016) Enhancing Teaching and Learning through the use of Digital Technologies: A Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland. [Online] Available: https://beta.-gov.scot/publications/enhancing-learning-teaching-through-use-digital-technologies/ [Accessed: 10 January 2019].


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