Creating a Den (outdoors)

Overall i enjoyed this challenge we were given. It gave myself a chance to speak to more people within my course and it was a fun task. Within my group we didn’t have much of a team leader i believe we very much all joined in on the decision making and we all very much were taking part in this task.

As it was an open environment we had to speak a little louder to each other at times so we could hear one another. We struggled to get many items off the other groups but we did try our best. Most of the groups that we wanted to negotiate with had already finished their den so it was hard to get the items we wanted off of them as they were already using them. The group that explained how they made their den to us were very good at giving us a very detailed overview of how they decided on how they would start and how they used what they got effectively. The preperation was i think missed out but the other 4P’s were explained perfectly.

University :O

My first week of uni i found it to be a scary new experience as i was unsure if i would make new friends along with would this course be for me. However, as soon as i arrived i knew i was in the right course and i have already made a good group of friends. I am very much looking forward to these next 4 years.